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VMK_Zev with some leaders

Community Leaders are helpful players who volunteer their time to help the VMK community. They will try to answer any question you may have. Most of the time if you are inactive for 30 days or more, your Community Leadership will be revoked, and you will return to "normal player" status. If you are ever banned before you apply to be a CL, they will not accept your application. In shorter words, a ban means you can't apply to be a CL. If you are already a Community Leader and you receive a ban, you will lose your status. CLs are not to be confused with staff. They have the same privileges as normal players and don't have any special abilities (i.e. - banning people, testing new VMK items). If you ever have a question, just look for the players whose names start with the CL_ prefix and a blue Sorcerer Mickey Hat pin in their profile.

On 7 March 2006, the VMK Contact Us link no longer listed an option to apply to become a community leader.

On 27 September 2007, in the Yavn Speaks segment of the newsletter, it was announced that the Community Leader program would be changed, and that all current Community Leaders would remove their status on 24 October 2007.

On 25 October 2007, the Community Leader program is being re-worked. All community leaders had their CL_ title removed from their username.

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Need Help Applying

This information will be updated with pictures and information when needed to help you learn more about CLs and even apply to be one.


  • If you are not accepted, you will get this email:

Hi there,

Thanks for answering our VMK Community Leader application questionnaire. After reviewing your answers we don't think you are quite ready yet to take on the role.

Keep playing and learning - and of course helping others - and try again another time.


-- VMK Player Support

  • If they are not accepting anyone you will get this e-mail:
Hi there!

Thanks for taking the time to fill out the Community Leader application 
form. We're sorry, but we're not accepting any new applications at the 

We'll be accepting applications again sometime after April 1st onwards, 
so please try again then.

Player Support

  • If you are chosen to be a community leader you will get this e-mail:
Hi there!

We've reviewed your application and we think you have the right stuff to be a great
Community Leader. So, here's how it all works:

The next time you log in to VMK you'll have a special Community Leader badge, and 
your name will  start with CL_ (eg CL_ione). This is so that other players will see 
you really know VMK inside out.

As a Community Leader you should uphold the VMK Values and be a shining example of 
how to behave  properly in VMK. If you are banned for any reason, you will lose your
Community Leader status and badge.

So, you're badged up and ready to get helping! We can't provide any special support 
to you as  Community Leaders, so you're on your own out there. But we think you'll 
be OK - after all you know  VMK like the back of your hand!

If at any time you want to report another player, or you can't help a player yourself,
please use  the Call for Help function to alert a VMK Staff member.

And, if at any time you want to stop being a Community Leader, please contact us using
the VMK Help Tool, choosing 'I want to feedback on a Community Leader'.

Thanks for helping and welcome to the Community Leader program!

Player Support

What Leaders Do

Many people don't realize what the responsibilities of a leader are. Most think that it's just about getting the title, badge, and power. They are wrong. As a Community Leader your responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Answering all questions that they can about the VMK game regardless of who asked the question.
  • Helping out staff or testers when asked to if possible. It's okay if you are very busy to decline. If you lose connection, try to go back to where you were helping.
  • Being a shining example to other players. Dictionary dancing, offending others, asking for personal info, basically breaking VMK Rules, is not being a shining example.
  • Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If you're mean to someone, would you like someone else to be mean to you? No way! Being nice to everyone is the best way to go.
  • Not making your "job" seem more important then it really is. This refers to being snobby to other players, acting like you are better then them, because you're not. We're all equal.
  • Doing your best to make a bad situation a good situation. If someone is scammed, has a bug of some kind, or other similar problems, do your best to give them the most appropriate and helpful instructions.
  • Take your "job" a bit seriously. Don't go overboard though. It's important to have fun along the way. Remember, you signed up for the "job", do your absolute best to meet the demands of being a Leader.
  • Don't ask for rewards for doing good deeds. Doing the deed itself should be the reward.
  • Know when to report a player via "Call for Staff" or "Contact Us". If it's something super urgent, messaging a staff member on your list would be the best way to go. If no staff is online or on your list, "Call for Staff" button would be best. Otherwise, for those minor things, use "Contact Us" on the VMK homepage.

With those being said, you can now see that being a leader is more than just having the badge and title. It seems like there's many responsibilities, but there's actually not. You should already have most of these responsibilities as a player, so it's not really that overwhelming.

What to Expect When You Become A Leader and How to Deal

When you first log in after receiving that "Welcome to the Program" email, it can be a bit overwhelming. The congratulations messages from friends, the zillions of questions people ask you while walking around, the way people treat you, and the few help requests from staff. It is overwhelming at first, but you get used to it, and learn to love every minute of it. Here are some tips to help with the new expectations.

  • When millions of people come up to you with their questions, it's easier if you try to answer them one by one to their fullest. Maybe you could start a line or something to answer them. It's easiest to answer questions when you know where all the keys on your keyboard are. Spend a couple minutes a day typing the alphabet or something similar to familiarize yourself with the keys. This will help you answer questions quickly.

  • When you receive the many "Congrats" messages, try to reply to them all. A simple thank you, good luck with becoming a leader too (maybe you can give me some tips if they are already a leader) is the best way to go. Sending arrogant messages will not help you at all. You want to make friends, not enemies.

  • People will treat you differently. This is unavoidable. Some people will want to be your friend because of your title. You do not have to accept their requests if you don't want to. Be polite when declining. As with all things in life, there will be those who do not like you. Some may be jealous of your title, others not liking you because they have preformed opinions of leaders. It's your job to be kind to them to, and let them know that leaders for the most part, are great people.

  • Sometimes, HOST_, QA_ or VMK_ staff will ask you to help out with their rooms, others' questions, or even events. Try your best to help out if you have the time. This is one of the best ways to get used to some of the pressure. You'll learn how to answer questions effectively, influence others to respect and follow the VMK Values, help out, and you'll meet new people. If you think you will need another leader to help you a little bit, don't be afraid to say so. You'll get to meet another player, and learn from them as well.

If you've been a leader for a week or so, and do not like the difference, you can always opt out of the program. Click Contact Us on the VMK front page, put in the info, then click "I Want to Give Feedback On Another Leader". Put your title, including the CL_, and explain why you don't want to be a leader anymore.

Community Leader List

NOTE: These were the leaders as of 24 October 2007. Their CL_ titles have been removed from their usernames.