Scary Mary

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Scary Mary Isla Perdida, Queen's Nest Born to vain aristocrats, Mary Lash's parents took one look at this unusual child and hid her away. As she grew, the rejection made her downright hideous, and before long they turned Mary out to fend for herself. Like many outcasts, she became a pirateā€¦ a talented and fearsome one at that! Scary Mary, as she was known, has a reputation for showing no mercy to victims or crew. On one recent voyage, she was mutinied and marooned when half her crew thought she was "bad luck" while the other half was convinced she was a demon disguised as a woman.

As you might well imagine, Scary Mary didn't take the mutiny well. She managed to get off the island and went into a rage, terrorizing towns and plundering property all over the Caribbean. Now you must work hard to extract information as to her whereabouts, seeing as the folks who may know aren't exactly inclined to help! You must find and persuade Mary to sign up with Jack before Jolly Roger gets his evil claws into her and makes Scary Mary his minion.

Part of the Black Pearl quest Scary Mary