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On Main Street there are: One game and one NPC.

Esmeralda is an NPC (Double click her to get 20 credits (40 the first time), if you do this (PST time) between 7 and about 10:55 a.m. you can go back 12 hours later (or longer, unless of course it's past closing time.)

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Main Street Map: ? - 22 January 2008
Main Street Map: 23 January - present

Castle Forecourt

Castle Forecourt

Behold the magical castle that beacons visitors from around the globe! Through its storied gates is a Fantasyland® of storybook adventures and a path that leads to rootin' tootoin' Frontierland® fun. Choose your enchanted destination!

(old description by editors)The site of many closing parties, the Castle Forecourt leads to Fantasyland and Frontierland. There's also a statue of Walt Disney with Mickey Mouse!

Top – Storybookland
Right – Central Plaza
Bottom – Frontierland Hub
Left – Castle Gardens

Central Plaza

Central Plaza: ? - 22 January 2008
Central Plaza: 23 January 2008 - present

Take off from this central location to any place your imagination can dream. Adventure lies in every direction. This crossroads of the land of tomorrow and the streets of today is the place to meet or a point of departure for what's ahead in the realms of Fantasy and the wild-west Frontier.

(old description from editors)What a great place to meet and greet all your VMK friends. Hang out and visit. Exits to many of your favorite lands.

Top Left – Tomorrowland Hub
Top Right - Main Street Magic Shop
Right – Main Street
Bottom – Adventureland Bazaar
Left – Castle Forecourt

Main Street

Main Street: ? - 22 January 2008
Main Street: 23 January - present

Stroll down this turn-of-the-century boulevard that's from an era before even your parents'. But this quaint old street is full of surprises like the jammin' dance party that happens just around the corner. Main Street is also the home of VMK Headquarters where your real Disney theme park quest begins!

(old description by editors)This is one of the most popular places in VMK. be prepared to see all types of characters here! Also, you can enter the Music Game from here!

Top Right - Street Party Music Game Lobby
Right – Town Square
Left – Central Plaza
Top Left – VMK Central

VMK Central

VMK Central: ? - 22 January 2008
VMK Central: 23 January 2008
VMK Central: 24 January 2008 - present

This is the place to go to find out everything there is to know bout Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom. Take off on a Hidden Mickey Quest, Hidden Mickeys Part 2, find out how to take a real Disney theme park quest, discover how to take photos in VMK and much more!

(old description from editors)There's so much to do here! You can buy a camera, have your picture taken on a spooky background, sit down in one of the many, many chairs, and read about all sorts of quests!

Right – Main Street

Town Square

Town Square

Gather in this entry plaza to Virtual Magic Kingdom to meet and greet all the other happy VMK Guests.

(old description from editors)This place connects the Esplanade and Main Street. It also leads to the Emporium. A nice place to sit and chat with friends.

Top – Emporium
Right – VMK Esplanade
Left – Main Street

VMK Esplanade

Released: 5 October 2005

Esplanade: ? - 22 January 2008
Esplande: 23 January 2008 - present

The cross-roads to future virtual Disney parks. Learn about the park-wide Quests you can play at Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom. Discover the ultimate Quest prize: The VMK Insider Tour.

(old description from editors)Here you can double click signs for quest information! This is another popular place.

Right – Sci-Fi Dine-In
Lower Right - Main Street Monorail Station
Lower Left - Town Square



This is both a shop and the home of the mysterious Esmeralda, who saw you coming and prepared some daily credits for ya! This place has teleporters that go to all the different shops. Also, you can buy some pretty cool Hong Kong Disneyland items, and even exclusive Special Items that are always changing!

Visit the Emporium

Esmeralda is also one of the Non-Player Characters that you can click once daily to get 20 free credits.

Top – Town Square
Tea Cup Teleporter- "it's a small world" Imports
Big Thunder Mountain Teleporter- Golden Horseshoe Mercantile
Jungle Cruise Teleporter- Shrunken Ned's Shop
Stitch's Teleporter- Tomorrowland Hub

Sci-Fi Dine-In

Sci-Fi Dine-In: ? - 23 January 2008
Sci-Fi Dine-In: 24 January 2008 - present

The Dine-In is a popular meeting place, with colorful car chairs. Be kept up to date with the movie posters that feature Disney movies, some not even out yet!

Left - VMK Esplanade

Street Party Music Game Lobby

Street Party Music Game Lobby
Music Mix

Pump up the volume and strut your stuff as you become the mix master of the Main Street party jam. Host a party and watch everyone move to your grooves. Play your tune for everyone and dance along with your virtual friends.

(old description by editors) Get in queue to play your music mixes here! Select your song and play, or dance along to other players' creations!

Top – Music Mix
Left – Main Street

Main Street Magic Shop

Main Street Magic Shop

Who knows what may materialize when you play exciting games of Main Street Magic Shop Checkers in the Main Street Magic Shop! Challenge new opponents and you'll be on your way to becoming the Master of Magic Shop Checkers.

Visit the Main Street Magic Shop.

Top - Central Plaza
Right - Main Street Magic Shop Checkers

Penny Arcade

Penny Arcade: 23 January 2008
Penny Arcade: 24 January 2008 - present

Don't be fooled when you step back in time to this turn of the century Penny Arcade, these action agmes are state-of-the-art!

Right - Main Street

Main Street Monorail Station

Main Street Monorail Station

Congratulations! You found it. This is one of the hidden Monorail Stations around VMK. If you've got a "one track" mind this is exactly the attraction for you! Not only is this a fun ride but it gets you around the world in style. Board the rail and venture to your favorite areas at high speed.

Top - VMK Esplanade
Middle (Monorail)-To go inside Monorail
Bottom - VMK Esplanade

Other Ways Of Exiting Any Rooms

There are three other ways of exiting a room. One way is, using the Travel Button, located at the bottom of your screen, on the toolbar. Another way of exiting is, to use the exit button (x) located on the bottom of the screen, on the toolbar. The final way, you should know is the x button (close) located at the top of your window, you push that, and your window closes, you'll have to log back in to play VMK again. The toolbar option will explain the first two options, better.