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NOTE: mIRC will only work on Windows computers

  • This is a step-by-step guide to setting up mIRC for first-time users.

What is mIRC?

  • mIRC is an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client that allows people to communicate with each other by chatting in a basic format that most people can find simple and easy to use. Chatting is performed in "channels" (think of them as rooms if you like) where you will be able to see and talk to other users.


  • You can download mIRC from here.
  • The latest version is mIRC v6.35 for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista (1.64MB)


  • The following is a setup for the GameSurge IRC servers with connecting to Nick's channels. This setup will connect you to all of Nick's channels, which will also allow you to edit entering certain ones.

See the pictures at the sides of this page for examples as you work through the guide.

Starting mIRC for the first time

  • When you first bring up mIRC you will always get a window titled About mIRC. From here you can either continue or register your mIRC. mIRC is a free program for 30 days, but it will still allow use after 30 days. After 30 days you must wait a few seconds when the About mIRC window comes up for the continue button to enable itself.
  • Once you continue a new window pops-up. This window is titled mIRC Options. On the left side of this window is a box titled Category, under it an entire list of options, the first one being Connect. If Connect isn't selected, select it now.

Editing mIRC Options: Name and Basic Connection

Name and Basic Connection options. Click for larger image.

With Category selected in the mIRC Options window, you see a few more options, the first being titled Full Name.

  • Full Name - This is where you enter the name you wish to use once on an IRC server. Make sure this is G-rated! This is the name that jIRC users will see when they scroll over your name in the chat room.

Hint- do NOT use your real full name!

  • Email Address - This does not need to be an actual email address, but it must resemble one, such as [email protected]
  • Nickname - This is where you enter the nickname that you want to use on the IRC server. Make sure this is G-rated!
  • Alternative - This is where you need to enter an alternative nickname to use, just in case your first choice is already taken.
  • Invisible Mode - This box should be checked. If it is unchecked, put in a checkmark by clicking the box.
  • New Server Window - You would only use this feature if you are connecting to multiple servers. We do not need to, so this box shouldn't be checked.

Getting the right Server. Click for larger image.
On the left hand side of the window, in the categories area and under connect, click Servers.
  • With Servers selected, find the GameSurge folder in the large list on the right. The list is in ABC order.
  • Once the GameSurge folder is found, double click it. You now want to double click either Random EU server or Random server (it makes no great difference which). This will take you back to the Connect page.
  • Click OK.

Editing mIRC Options: Joining Channels

MIRC Icons.jpg

To get back into mIRC Options, click Tools on the top menu bar and then Options at the bottom of the drop down list. Alternatively, you can click the second symbol on the left (Going towards the right) underneath the top menu bar that resembles a hammer with a box on the left of it.

Various Options under Connect. Click for larger image.
  • In the Category section you should be under Connect. You now want to click Options which is beneath Servers, both of which are items under Connect.
  • There are many boxes here, all of which should be checked (except "Popup connect dialog on startup" - that one is just annoying).


The Perform function to save channels to join automatically. Click for larger image.
  • Underneath all of these boxes is a button named Perform. Click this button and a new window will appear.
  • The first item in this new window is named Enable perform on connect. Click the box to check it, this will enable your perform when you connect to a server.
  • The next thing listed in this window is "Network:". As we only connect to the Gamesurge network we can leave this on its default of "All Networks".
  • Click under Perform commands:. Here, copy and paste this list over:

/j #mmocentralforums
/j #toontowncentral
/j #toontowntrivia
/j #ColdCallersGuild
/j #KTTA
/j #pixiehollowforums
/j #pixietrivia

  • The list above will join you to each of Nick's channels. If you don't wish to join a certain channel, remove it from the list. The "/j" at the start is a shortcut for "join this channel".
  • Once you have edited this list to your liking, click OK on the Perform window and then OK again on the mIRC Options menu. You are now back looking at your mIRC window in it's original state.


  • Underneath the File option on the menu bar on the top of mIRC is a button that looks like a lightning bolt. Click this so it then looks like the lightning bolt is cut in half. This will connect you to IRC.

You are now connected to the GameSurge IRC, congratulations!

Scripts Guide

While you're in any channel, right click on a person's name. You'll see a bunch of different commands, and one that says "Slap!". By clicking Slap!, you'll slap the selected person around a bit with a large trout.

This guide will show you how to create scripts that act like this. Note: you do not need to know these in order to chat. These are just some extra options for the advanced user.

Enabling Scripts Editor

  • First off, bring up Scripts Editor. It's the 5th button on the top of your mIRC, it is green, and it has a /a on it. Alternatively, you can go into Tools and then into Scripts Editor. This is also keyboard shortcut Alt+R.
  • There are a few tabs. They read Aliases, Popups, Remote, Users, Variables. Click the Popups tab.
  • On the top of this window there are other tabs. They are File, Edit, View, Popup, Options, Help. Click View. Now check off 4. Nick list.
  • You should now see many sentences on this window. Scroll down to where it reads Slap!. Click at the end of Slap! and hit enter once.
  • The Slap! script should read this- .Slap!:/me slaps $$1 around a bit with a large trout

Creating New Scripts

This part of the guide is a step-by-step process in creating a simple script. When loosely followed, you gain the ability to replace words with other items of interest, such as dropping something instead of poking.

The Poke Script

  • Before anything is started in the script, a name for it must be chosen.
  • I'll pick Poke!
  • First you type .Poke (The period before the name gives the script it's own command when right-clicking a nickname.)

Now an action is needed for this script.

  • Type in the action with no spaces right after the e in .Poke
  • The script needs me in the action, so I type in :/me
  • It should now read .Poke:/me
  • Press your space bar once and type pokes.
  • It now reads .Poke:/me pokes

You need a target for this action now.

  • Type $$1 after pokes, make sure to include a space!
  • The $$1 will make whoever you right-clicked on the users list to be the target in this script.
  • Your final script should read .Poke:/me pokes $$1

You can try other scripts with this outline, this isn't the only one you could make.


If your script contains very violent actions or not G-rated material, an Operator will ask for you to refrain from using it and/or ban you.