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Jump to: navigation, search,,,, and provide access to a Live Chat area for our users to discuss game strategies and interact with other users of the forums. We do this through a java client that connects to the Gamesurge IRC network. is a gaming IRC network. Because our Live Chat/IRC is hosted through another owner not affiliated with us we continue to have strict policies on content and access. We strongly suggest that you only frequent the channels provided and if you choose to join other channels please be aware that we do not allow advertising of those channels within our own approved channels.

Accessing Live Chat/IRC

There are many ways to access the Live Chat but for most users it will be thru the Java chat located in the Live Chat box on the home page of each site. The following guide is for the java chat.

Links to our guides for other popular (but more technical) ways to access IRC are here: Windows - MIRC_Guide Mac - XChat Guide

Logging Into Live Chat

Live Chat Channels

When you log into the Live Chat it will connect you to various channels to provide you with discussions pertaining to particular subjects. To chat in a specific room, click on the name button of the room you wish to chat in at the time.

These are the channels that you will be connected to:

  • Live Chat channels from
    • #mmocentralforums
    • #toontowncentral
    • #toontowntrivia
    • #ColdCallersGuild
    • #KTTA
  • Live Chat channels from
    • #pixiehollowforums
    • #pixietrivia
    • #mmocentralforums
    • #toontowncentral

These are our official channels and all Site rules and Live Chat/IRC rules apply to every channel.

Live Chat Window

Here is a description of the Java Live Chat Window and the functions you will see while using the window.


Chat Window

Topic Of The Channel


Public & Private Channels

Public Channels
Private Channels

Command Line


Actions or Emotes

Joins, Parts, Quits

Nickname Changes

Live Chat Guidelines & Ettiquette


Policies & Rules