Club Penguin Residents

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Club Penguin is a large community but there are several residents that are known by most penguins.

Aunt Arctic

AuntArctic.jpg Former Advice Columnist for the Club Penguin Times.

On 3 April 2008 Aunt Arctic was promoted from Advice Columnist to Editor-In-Chief of the Club Penguin Times.
In June 2006 two of her puffles went missing and Secret Agents were needed to help find them.

Gary the Gadget Guy

GaryTheGadgetGuy.jpg AKA: "G", "Agent G", "Secret Agent G" or "Gary the Gadjet Guy"

Scientist and Inventor. Many of the gadgets that are in Club Penguin are a result of G's work. The Snow Clock at the Snow Forts, the Pizzatron 3000, the Jet Packs for Jet Pack Adventure, the Aqua Grabber, and many more. Penguins will only meet Gary while performing the Secret Missions.

Gary Player Card

Gary first interacted with other penguins on 31 October 2008 during the Halloween Party 2008. Clicking the box on his player card gave a Gary Background.

Captain Rockhopper

Rockhopper.jpg Although not really a resident as he lives on Rockhopper Island, he is a regular visitor to Club Penguin. Arriving on his ship The Migrator, he brings gifts, and wanders around Club Penguin.

Rockhopper Player Card


Yarr.jpg Rockhopper introduced the red puffles on 8 December 2006. His own puffle is named Yarr.

The Penguin Band

  • Franky (yellow): Acoustic Guitar, Banjo
  • G-Billy (blue): Drums, Flute
  • Petey K (green): Piano, Accordion
  • Stompin' Bob (red): Bass Guitar, Bass


Penguin Band Player Cards