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Agent HQ


Agent HQ is a place where members of the Penguin Secret Agency (P.S.A.) come to gather, learn the rules, learn about missions, and to monitor some of the naughty penguins. Once you have your Spy Phone, you can teleport to the Agent HQ.


Once inside, you have a tiny "Top Secret" folder in the right of your screen. If you want to complete missions that are specially suited for Secret Agents, click on it. It contains lots of tasks for you to do. It opens a whole new world of Club Penguin. The monitors are there for you to teleport to any part of Club Penguin. Just click them.

Monitors - Every location in Club Penguin
Left - Sport Shop


Becoming a Secret Agent

To find out more about Becoming a Secret Agent see the Secret Agent page.

The F.I.S.H.


The F.I.S.H., or Factual Informative Spy Handbook, is a Secret Agent's guide book.

To access it click the book in the lower right corner of the screen.

Gadget Room

Only available when doing the PSA Missions, the Gadget Room is where Gary the Gadget Guy stores and works on his inventions.

Gadget Room Panorama
(Click to enlarge)

PSA Missions

Mission Folder The New Mission Folder
TopSecretPSAMissionFolderIcon.jpg (The Old Folder)

Click the Top Secret folder located in the lower right corner of the screen. On 21 April 2008 the folder become more high-tech.

There are currently eleven missions.

  1. Case of the Missing Puffles
  2. G's Secret Mission
  3. Case of the Missing Coins
  4. Avalanche Rescue
  5. Secret of the Fur
  6. Questions for a Crab
  7. Clockwork Repairs
  8. Mysterious Tremors
  9. Operation: Spy & Seek
  10. Waddle Squad
  11. The Veggie Villain