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Why Become A Member?

A membership allows certain privileges that non-members miss out on, such as:

Dress up your penguin!

Dress your penguin!
  • Buy clothing and accessories
  • Give your penguin a new style each month
  • Come up with thousands of unique clothing combinations
  • Unlock more actions with different clothing combinations

Decorate your igloo!

Decorate igloos!
  • Buy furniture and decorate
  • Host a special party
  • Upgrade your igloo each month
  • New catalog every month

Adopt more puffles!

Adopt puffles!
  • Adopt more than two puffles
  • Get all the colors of puffles
  • Buy furniture for your puffles

Get more out of Club Penguin!

Get more out of the game!
  • Members see more room available on each server than a non-member sees, which means less waiting time
  • Open your igloo on the map and meet more friends
  • Be the first to discover new areas
  • Get creative

Membership Packages


Get Monthly Get 6 Months Get 12 Months
To get a membership, click here and provide details to purchase one.

It's Safe!


Club Penguin is proud to be one of the few sites that has ever qualified for the Better Business Bureau - Kid’s Privacy Seal of Approval.

Children's safety is of utmost importance to us. Memberships allow us to maintain high levels of safety. A safe chatting environment is more fun!

It's Kids Helping Kids!

Hold-hands3.gif Club Penguin gives a portion of all membership proceeds to charities worldwide. Read more