Bridge to Terabithia

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The Bridge to Terabithia is a Disney movie based off of the book, Bridge to Terabithia.

Bridge to Terabithia
Released: 15 May 2007

Play the Bridge to Terabithia Trivia Game

Terribithia Treehouse Chair

From Walt Disney Pictures and Walden Media comes Bridge to Terabithia, the fantasy-adventure about the power of imagination and the magic of friendship. Celebrate the release of Bridge to Terabithia on DVD - play the Bridge to Terabithia Trivia Game!

Win this cool virtual prize:

- Bridge To Terabithia Treehouse Chair

(There's no limit to how many treehouse chairs you can win, so play as many times as you like!)


  • To get to the Bridge to Terabithia game, you first need to follow this link to the DVD's page.
  • Once on the DVD's page you will see many different buttons on the top of the screen. Select the trivia button.
  • You will now get a variety of questions. Ten questions asked at random, and you are not guaranteed to get the same questions over and over again.
  • The game does not tell if you selected the correct answer or not. After answering all ten questions, your final score out of ten will be revealed.
  • Answer ALL ten (10) questions correctly to receive a VMK code good for a Terabithia Treehouse Chair!

Game Advice

  • Read the questions carefully, many questions have similar answer choices/wordings which can make it easy to choose the wrong answer.
  • Make sure the answer you wish to select turns white when you move your cursor over it to ensure that you are highlighing your desired answer.
  • If you answer all ten questions correcly, wait for the code to be displayed and make sure to enter or copy down the code before clicking "Claim My Prize". If you click "Claim My Prize" the VMK homepage opens in a new window and the trivia game is restarted.


Item Color Cost Photo Location Notes
Terabithia Treehouse Chair Q

Sells for D10

Terabithia Treehouse Chair Bridge to Terabithia Game

Secret Code

Released: 15 May 2007

Questions and Answers


Let mouse hover over the answers to see which are correct. Be patient, sometimes it takes a moment.

Who does Jess make Princess of Terabithia?

  • A. Janice
  • B. Ms. Edmunds
  • C. Joyce Ann
  • D. May Belle

What is the name of the town where Jess and Leslie live?

  • A. Lark Creek
  • B. Providence
  • C. River Flow
  • D. Billingsville

What color were the Burkes’ living room walls before they painted them?

  • A. Blue
  • B. Green
  • C. Yellow
  • D. Orange

What does Jess put on the sign over the bridge that leads to Terabithia?

  • A. Nothing Crushes Us
  • B. Forever Leslie
  • C. We Are Rulers
  • D. Welcome To Terabithia

What creatures drop pinecone grenades in Terabithia?

  • A. Ogres
  • B. Scogres
  • C. Giant Toads
  • D. Hairy Vultures

What are Jess’ passions?

  • A. Football and soccer
  • B. Running and drawing
  • C. Reading and writing
  • D. Biking and swimming

Gabor Csupo is the director of Bridge To Terabithia.

  • A. True
  • B. False

Jess and Leslie write a love not from Willard Hughes to Janice Avery to get back at her.

  • A. True
  • B. False

How long did it take to shoot Bridge To Terabithia?

  • A. Two months
  • B. Six months
  • C. One year
  • D. Two years

How do you get to Terabithia?

  • A. Jump over a log
  • B. Swing on a rope
  • C. Climb under the porch
  • D. Go out in a field

How many brothers and sisters does Leslie have?

  • A. Two
  • B. Three
  • C. Four
  • D. None

Several of the actors in the film live in New Zealand.

  • A. True
  • B. False

What is the last word on the dedication in the book Bridge To Terabithia?

  • A. bonsai
  • B. banzai
  • C. bonanza
  • D. banana

What does Janice Avery steal from May Belle?

  • A. Brownies
  • B. Cookies
  • C. Cream Filled Cake
  • D. Candy

Bridge To Terabithia, the book, won the 1978 Newberry Award.

  • A. True
  • B. False

What are the dragonfly-like creatures in Terabithia?

  • A. Insect Warriors
  • B. Dragonfly Fighters
  • C. Fancy Fliers
  • D. Flying Warriors

What is the Giant Troll’s weakness?

  • A. It likes candy
  • B. It’s ticklish
  • C. It likes jokes
  • D. It’s vain

What was Leslie’s essay about that she has to read to the class?

  • A. Mountain Biking
  • B. Rock Climbing
  • C. Scuba Diving
  • D. Snorkeling

Leslie tells Jess to keep his eyes shut and…?

  • A. his mouth closed
  • B. his ears covered
  • C. his mind wide open
  • D. his nose held

Anna Sophia’s stunt double was a boy.

  • A. True
  • B. False

What does Leslie name her puppy?

  • A. Prince Terrian
  • B. Prince Terabithia
  • C. Prince Terry
  • D. Prince Thomas

Where was Bridge To Terabithia filmed?

  • A. Australia
  • B. Canada
  • C. United States
  • D. New Zealand

What does Leslie give Jess for his birthday?

  • A. Crayons
  • B. Markers
  • C. Paints
  • D. Pastels

What color do the Burkes paint their living room walls?

  • A. Green
  • B. Gold
  • C. Orange
  • D. White

What year was the book Bridge To Terabithia first published?

  • A. 1984
  • B. 1977
  • C. 1983
  • D. 2005

Who takes Jess to the Museum in the city?

  • A. His Mom and Dad
  • B. Ms. Edmunds
  • C. Mr. Burke
  • D. Janice Avery

Who sent the Giant Troll to Terabithia?

  • A. The Dark Invader
  • B. The Dark Master
  • C. The Master Invader
  • D. The Master Of Darkness

What are Leslie’s parents’ professions?

  • A. Writers
  • B. Politicians
  • C. Teachers
  • D. Painters

How much does Janice Avery charge to use the bathroom?

  • A. $2.00
  • B. $0.25
  • C. $0.50
  • D. $1.00

What are Jess’ sisters’ names?

  • A. Mirabelle, Joanne, Elizabeth and Bertha
  • B. May Belle, Joyce Ann, Ellie and Brenda
  • C. Mary Beth, Jordan, Annie and Belinda
  • D. Mary Ann, Julianne, Eliza and Beth