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Welcome to Disney Pirates of the Caribbean Online

SkullBullet1.png General Information

SkullBullet.PNG About POTCO
SkullBullet.PNG POTCO Team Bios
SkullBullet.PNG POTCO Interviews
SkullBullet.PNG POTCO Developer's Diary
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SkullBullet1.png News

SkullBullet.PNG Current News/Grog Blog
SkullBullet.PNG Archive News
SkullBullet.PNG POTCO Release Notes
SkullBullet.PNG POTCO Known Issues
SkullBullet.PNG Game Insider

SkullBullet1.png Community

SkullBullet.PNG POTCO Lore
SkullBullet.PNG POTCO Contests
SkullBullet.PNG POTCO Sweepstakes
SkullBullet.PNG POTCO US Player Map
SkullBullet.PNG Pirate Word of the Month
SkullBullet.PNG Pirates Online XD Guide
SkullBullet.PNG POTCO Player Q&A

SkullBullet1.png Media

SkullBullet.PNG POTCO Concept Art
SkullBullet.PNG POTCO Pictures
SkullBullet.PNG POTCO Trailers
SkullBullet.PNG POTCO Downloads

SkullBullet1.png History

SkullBullet.PNG Pre-Release News
SkullBullet.PNG POTCO Beta Days
SkullBullet.PNG Stress Tests
SkullBullet.PNG POTCO Official Site History
SkullBullet.PNG POTCO Events

SkullBullet1.png Player's Guide

SkullBullet.PNG Welcome to the Caribbean
SkullBullet.PNG Creating Your Avatar
SkullBullet.PNG Pre-approved Male Pirate Name Options
SkullBullet.PNG Pre-approved Female Pirate Name Options
CrewBullet.png Friends and Chat
CrewBullet.png Speed Chat
SkullBullet.PNG Keyboard Controls
SkullBullet.PNG Tutorial
SkullBullet.PNG Getting Around the Caribbean
InvasionMessageIcon.png Invasions
SkullBullet.PNG POTCO Hints
SkullBullet.PNG Hint and Tutorial Scrolls
SkullBullet.PNG Leaderboards
SkullBullet.PNG How To Link POTCO Accounts
SkullBullet.PNG POTCO Test Server

SkullBullet1.png Sea Chest

SkullBullet.PNG Options
SkullBullet.PNG POTCO In 3D
CrewBullet.png Hearties
CompassBullet.gif Compass
CompassBullet.gif Maps
ShipwrightBullet.png Ships
SkullBullet.PNG Skills
QuestInProgressBullet.png Quest Journal
SkullBullet.PNG Lookout
SkullBullet.PNG Pirate vs Pirate
SkullBullet.PNG Parlor Games
SkullBullet.PNG Notoriety
SkullBullet.PNG Health

SkullBullet1.png Inventory

SkullBullet.PNG Weapon Belt
BlacksmithBullet.png Broadswoards
BlacksmithBullet.png Cutlasses Updated!
BlacksmithBullet.png Cursed Blades
BlacksmithBullet.png Sabres
GunsmithBullet.png Bayonets
GunsmithBullet.png Blunderbusses
GunsmithBullet.png Muskets
GunsmithBullet.png Pistols Updated!
BlacksmithBullet.png Daggers
BlacksmithBullet.png Knives
GunsmithBullet.png Grenades
GypsyBullet.png Voodoo
GypsyBullet.png Voodoo Dolls
GypsyBullet.png Voodoo Staves
SkullBullet.PNG Items
ShipwrightBullet.png Cannon Rams
ShipwrightBullet.png Sea Charts
ShipwrightBullet.png Sea Globes
SkullBullet.PNG Garb
TailorsBullet.png Hats
TailorsBullet.png Coats
TailorsBullet.png Vests
TailorsBullet.png Shirts
TailorsBullet.png Belts
TailorsBullet.png Pants
TailorsBullet.png Shoes
SkullBullet.PNG Jewelry & Tattoos
JewlersBullet.png Jewelry
TatooParlorBullet.png Tattoos
Coin.gif Treasure
160x600 heardthetale.png

SkullBullet1.png Minigames

SkullBullet.PNG Cannon Defense
SkullBullet.PNG Potion Brewing
SkullBullet.PNG Ship Repair Updated!

SkullBullet1.png The High Sea

ShipwrightBullet.png Ships
ShipwrightBullet.png Shipwright
ShipwrightBullet.png Ship To Ship Combat
ShipwrightBullet.png Ship Skills
GunsmithBullet.png Cannon
ShipwrightBullet.png Sailing
ShipwrightBullet.png Privateering

SkullBullet1.png Allies and Enemies

SkullBullet1.png Allies
SkullBullet.PNG Captain Barbossa
SkullBullet.PNG Elizabeth Swann
SkullBullet.PNG Jack Sparrow
SkullBullet.PNG Jack the Monkey
SkullBullet.PNG Joshamee Gibbs
SkullBullet.PNG Tia Dalma
SkullBullet.PNG Will Turner
SkullBullet.PNG Crew of the Black Pearl
SkullBullet.PNG Other characters listed per island
SkullBullet.PNG Cuba Characters
SkullBullet.PNG Ile D'Etable De Porc Characters
SkullBullet.PNG Isla De la Avaricia Characters
SkullBullet.PNG Padres del Fuegos Characters
SkullBullet.PNG Port Royal Characters
SkullBullet.PNG Tortuga Characters
SkullBullet.PNG Raven's Cove Characters New!
SkullBullet.PNG Wild Island Characters
SkullBullet.PNG Ally Full List
SkullBullet1.png Enemies
EnemyBullet.png Jolly Roger
EnemyBullet.png Animals
EnemyBullet.png Plants
EnemyBullet.png Undead Skeletons
EnemyBullet.png Navy
EnemyBullet.png East India Trading Company
EnemyBullet.png Davy Jones Crew
EnemyBullet.png Bosses
SkullBullet.PNG Enemy Full List
SkullBullet.PNG Enemy Ship Full List

SkullBullet1.png Merchants

BarberBullet.png Barbers
BlacksmithBullet.png Blacksmith
GunsmithBullet.png Gunsmith
GypsyBullet.png Gypsy
JewlersBullet.png Jewelers
MusicianBullet.png Musician
PeddlersBullet.png Peddlers
ShipwrightBullet.png Shipwright
TailorsBullet.png Tailors
TailorsBullet.png Pugpratt's Tailoring (Men's / Women's) - Cuba
TailorsBullet.png Dolores Tailoring Shoppe (Men's / Women's) - Padres Del Fuego main town
TailorsBullet.png Blanca's Tailor Shop (Men's / Women's) - Padres Del Fuego back town
TailorsBullet.png Truehound's Tailor Shop (Men's / Women's) - Port Royal
TailorsBullet.png Callecutter's Tailor Shoppe (Men's / Women's) - Tortuga
TatooParlorBullet.png Tattoo Parlors
TrainersBullet.png Trainer
CargoWatchmanBullet.png Dockworkers

SkullBullet1.png Islands

SkullBullet.PNG Major Islands
CompassBullet.gif Cuba
CompassBullet.gif Ile D'Etable De Porc
CompassBullet.gif Isla De la Avaricia
CompassBullet.gif Padres Del Fuego
CompassBullet.gif Port Royal
CompassBullet.gif Tortuga
CompassBullet.gif Raven's Cove Coming Soon!
160x600 keeptothecode.png
SkullBullet.PNG Wild Islands
CompassBullet.gif Bilgewater
CompassBullet.gif Cutthroat Isle
CompassBullet.gif Devil's Anvil
CompassBullet.gif Driftwood Island
CompassBullet.gif Isla Cangrejos
CompassBullet.gif Isla Perdida
CompassBullet.gif Isla Tormenta
CompassBullet.gif Rumrunner's Isle
CompassBullet.gif Outcast Isle
SkullBullet.PNG Unlimited Access Islands - These islands are for people with Unlimited Access accounts.
CompassBullet.gif Kingshead
SkullBullet.PNG Other Locations
CompassBullet.gif Navy Forts
CompassBullet.gif Jail
CompassBullet.gif Taverns
CompassBullet.gif Digspots

SkullBullet1.png POTCO Quests

SkullBullet.PNG Story Quests
QuestInProgressBullet.png The Liberation of the Black Pearl
QuestInProgressBullet.png Tutorial (Quest)
QuestInProgressBullet.png Story Chapter: Set Sail
QuestInProgressBullet.png Story Chapter: The Black Pearl
QuestInProgressBullet.png Find Jack Sparrow
QuestInProgressBullet.png Speak With Joshamee Gibbs
QuestInProgressBullet.png Prove Loyalty
QuestInProgressBullet.png Black Pearl Recruit: James Pidgeley
QuestInProgressBullet.png Black Pearl Recruit: Gordon Greer
QuestInProgressBullet.png Black Pearl Recruit: Hendry Cutts
QuestInProgressBullet.png Black Pearl Recruit: Nill Offrill
QuestInProgressBullet.png Black Pearl Recruit: Doc Grog
QuestInProgressBullet.png Visit Orinda
QuestInProgressBullet.png Capture Captain Montrose
QuestInProgressBullet.png Fetch A Pint
QuestInProgressBullet.png Deliver Pint
QuestInProgressBullet.png Black Pearl Recruit: Gunner
QuestInProgressBullet.png Black Pearl Recruit: Mary Lash aka Scary Mary
QuestInProgressBullet.png Black Pearl Recruit: Giladoga
QuestInProgressBullet.png Black Pearl Recruit: John Smith
QuestInProgressBullet.png Boss Battle (recover the Black Pearl)
SkullBullet.PNG Weapon Quests
GypsyBullet.png Weapon Unlock: Voodoo Doll
BlacksmithBullet.png Weapon Unlock: Dagger
GunsmithBullet.png Weapon Unlock: Grenade
GypsyBullet.png Weapon Unlock:Voodoo Staff
BlacksmithBullet.png Level 4 Weapon: Cutlass
GunsmithBullet.png Level 4 Weapon: Pistol
BlacksmithBullet.png Level 4 Weapon: Dagger
GypsyBullet.png Level 4 Weapon: Voodoo Doll
GypsyBullet.png Level 4 Weapon: Voodoo Staff
BlacksmithBullet.png Level 5 Weapon: Cutlass
GunsmithBullet.png Level 5 Weapon: Pistol
BlacksmithBullet.png Level 5 Weapon: Dagger
GypsyBullet.png Level 5 Weapon: Voodoo Doll
GypsyBullet.png Level 5 Weapon: Voodoo Staff
SkullBullet.PNG Teleportation Quests
QuestInProgressBullet.png Secret of Port Royal Teleportation
QuestInProgressBullet.png Secret of Cuba Teleportation
QuestInProgressBullet.png Secret of Tortuga Teleportation
QuestInProgressBullet.png Secret Of Padres del Fuego Teleportation
QuestInProgressBullet.png Secret of Raven's Cove Teleportation New!
SkullBullet.PNG Treasure Quests
Coin.gif Treasure Unlock: The Nine Rogues
Coin.gif Treasure Unlock: Rudyard's Teeth
Coin.gif Treasure Unlock: Navy Decorations
Coin.gif Treasure Unlock: Rhineworth Rings
Coin.gif Treasure Unlock: Treasure Chess
Coin.gif Treasure Unlock: Tia Dalma's Menagerie
SkullBullet.PNG Tattoo Quests
TatooParlorBullet.png Tattoo Quest: Black Market
TatooParlorBullet.png Tattoo Quest: Deed Issues
TatooParlorBullet.png Tattoo Quest: Lala's Neighbors
TatooParlorBullet.png Tattoo Quest: Lala's Brother
TatooParlorBullet.png Tattoo Quest: Family Valuables
TatooParlorBullet.png Tattoo Quest: Special Ink
TatooParlorBullet.png Tattoo Quest: Getting your Feet Wet (Spanish)
TatooParlorBullet.png Tattoo Quest: Getting your Feet Wet (French)
SkullBullet.PNG Jewelry Quests
JewlersBullet.png Jewelry Quest: Spy Trouble
JewlersBullet.png Jewelry Quest: Precious Treasures
JewlersBullet.png Jewelry Quest: Eliminating the Competition
JewlersBullet.png Jewelry Quest: Picking Up the Slack
JewlersBullet.png Jewelry Quest: Smitty's Sickness
JewlersBullet.png Jewelry Quest: Smitty's Debt
SkullBullet.PNG Clothing Quests
TailorsBullet.png Clothing Quest: Pirate Life
TailorsBullet.png Clothing Quest: Clothing Fit for a Pirate
TailorsBullet.png Clothing Quest: Adoria's Family
SkullBullet.PNG Holiday Quests
QuestInProgressBullet.png Father's Day
QuestInProgressBullet.png A Pirate Valentine
SkullBullet.PNG Minor Quests

SkullBullet1.png The Mobile Game: Cannons of the Deep

Cannons skull icon.png Cannons of the Deep: About The Game
Cannons skull icon.png Cannons of the Deep: Players Guide
Cannons skull icon.png Cannons of the Deep: Tips and FAQs