Club Penguin

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Club Penguin

Waddle Around With Your Friends

Link to the Official Site

Newspaper.gif History of Club Penguin

Mesh2.jpg The Basics


CPmapIcon.gif Exploring Club Penguin


Mini-games.gif Mini-Games


Your-igloo.gif Igloos

Jobs3.gif Penguin Jobs

Buy.gif Inventory: Pins, Free Items, Backgrounds, Puffles, Catalogs, Etc.

Unlock image nobanner.png Club Penguin Promotions


Technical-help.gif Disclaimer - since Club Penguin was acquired by Disney in August 2007 this guide was not started until then. Therefore, many photos and information prior to August 2007 have been found on both the Club Penguin site as well as various sites around the web. Our thanks are extended to the many CP players and fans of the world who took the time to document the game. We have done our best to credit photos to their owners but occasionally we miss some. If you see a photo that is yours, please let us know so that proper credit may be given! ~DOW Moderation Team