All Day Ride-A-Thon

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Released: 12 March 2006

Retired: 13 March 2006


Expedition Everest Chair Ride-A-Thon Newsletter Image.png

Win A Real VMK T-Shirt 12 March 2006.png


The Ride-A-Thon was advertised as lasting all day on 12 March 2006.


Date Prizes
12 March 2006
Item Color Cost Photo Location Notes
Everest Chair X/Q

Sells for D200

Everest Chair Special Event

Q Button Quest

Released: 12 March 2006 for one day only

Retired: 12 March 2006
Re-released: 7 January 2007
Retired: 7 January 2007
Re-released: 28 January 2007
Retired: 28 January 2007

In addition to winning the Everest Chair each time they rode, some lucky players also won real VMK T-Shirts.