Your Igloo

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Ever penguin has an igloo that they need to call home. Other people can visit this igloo, and you can customize it however you like!

Designing and Decorating


Click the Home Icon to go to your igloo.


Members can give their igloo its own unique look. Design and decorate with furniture and new igloo styles. Click the measuring tape icon on the right of the screen to edit your igloo and get started!


The Better Igloos catalog is updated every two months. The catalogs are located on the right side of your igloo screen. When you buy furniture it is placed in the storage box at the top right side of the screen. To decorate, click the storage box, choose one item at a time and place it in your igloo. Click and drag items to move them around and use the arrow keys to rotate them. Choose an item and drag it outside the igloo frame to remove it and place it back in storage.


Turn on some tunes with the stereo or jukebox. When you place it in your igloo, click the cassette tape on the upper right and choose the music you want.


Click the floppy disk icon to exit edit mode. You must do this to leave your igloo, waddle around or to save your changes.



Penguins love to have parties and igloos are popular places to have them. Once you've decorated and want to have some penguins over for a visit, open it on the map. Click the lock icon on the right side of the screen and your igloo will show up on the map so other players can join the fun at your place. Close your igloo by clicking the lock icon.


Penguins are known for their creative decorating—to check out other igloos, open your map and click the big white igloo. Choose a name from the list to make a visit. Your buddy list is another way to visit friends' igloos—even when they're offline.