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Current projects for the VMK side.

Here are some projects currently in the works for our VMK guide. We encourage editors to help us get these projects completed so we can start new projects and make our guides as complete as possible. There is always editing to be done! Editors are welcome to add proposed projects to this page and ideas/suggestions are always appreciated.

If you are not an editor but would like to help contribute to our guides, please visit the Disney Online Worlds forum on VMKF. Also, be sure to post any mistakes found in our The Wiki Needs An Edit (Non-Editor Suggestions) thread on VMKF.

Please contact UpInTheAir with any project specific questions you may have.

Image Projects

Item Rotation Images

We are still uploading images, but items starting w/ A-G and N-Z are for the most part done.

We need editors to start adding the rotational images to the actual item page. To do this, please follow these steps:

1) Pick an item from the Furniture Checklist

2) Search for images of the item on the File List by typing in the item's name. All images are named in a consistent fashion with the full name of the item, followed by the word "rotate" and then a letter designation (A, B, C, or D). For some items that have multiple states, ie, on/off, lit/unlit...this there will be additional images named to indicate this other state.

So an item with for rotational states will have the following images:

Item Name rotate A.jpg
Item Name rotate B.jpg
Item Name rotate C.jpg
Item Name rotate D.jpg

Note:Some images may not have been uploaded yet, or may be missing. If you can't find an image, let UpInTheAir know.

3) Click on an image and note the width and height of it. All images for an item should have the same widths and heights

4) Add these images onto the item page. Click the "Edit" tab at the top of the page. Towards the bottom of the code after where it says {{itemTableFooter}} put the following:

<gallery widths=(put the width of the image here) heights=(put the height of the image here)>
Image:Item Name rotate A.jpg|Rotation A
Image:Item Name rotate B.jpg|Rotation B
Image:Item Name rotate C.jpg|Rotation C
Image:Item Name rotate D.jpg|Rotation D

Please note the following

  • Set the widths and the heights to the width and the height of the images. All images in a set should be the same size. If they are not, please let UpInTheAir know.
  • Some item pages may already have other images such as animations or inventory image history. The "Images" section you are adding goes after the Animation section, but before the inventory image history.

For some examples please see the editing pages for the following items:

  • ALR BD Hills 2<----note that the Images go before the inventory image history
  • Toy Soldier Yellow<---- note that with larger pictures we split them into "Front" and "Back" (you could also add perrow=# to the gallery code to set the number of pictures shown in each row)
  • 50th Celebration Mickey Lantern<----note the rotation and "In-Use" images

If you have ANY questions, ask UpInTheAir. If you can't find an image or are not sure the best way to handle an images, let UpInTheAir know and then move on to another item.

Magic In-Use Images

Files from VMKF need to be uploaded. Title the image with the proper name of the magic (see Magic Pins) followed by In Use and then a description of the angle (ie Front, back, side 1, side 2, diagonal 1...etc).

If it is not your photo, please give credit to the VMKF member by adding Thanks to [VMKFProfileLinkHere VMKFMemberName] of [http://www.vmkforums.com VMKF] for providing the image].

Questions? Ask UpInTheAir

Costumes Worn

For an example see Red Prince Philip Costume (note that the images for this costume are not titled w/ male or female because it is a male ony costume. For costumes of both genders, indicate male or female in the image name).

Files from VMKF need to be uploaded. Title the image with the proper name of the costume (see Costumes) followed by the gender and "worn" and then a description of the angle (ie Front, back, side 1, side 2, diagonal 1...etc).

So you might have a picture of:

Mike Costume Male Worn Front.jpg

Note, we do have front views of these costumes already, just replace this picture with the 8 different views.

If it is not your photo, please give credit to the VMKF member by adding Thanks to [VMKFProfileLinkHere VMKFMemberName] of [http://www.vmkforums.com VMKF] for providing the image].

Chair Images

We have images of players sitting on chairs, but these have not been uploaded yet. When they are uploaded, they will be added to pages similar to the Item Rotation Images. See Ice Cube Chair for an example.


Again, many images have not been uploaded, once the other projects start to take flight, we can start working on this one.

Missing Information Projects


Need To Add Spoilers

The following quests need spoilers added. Please follow the format for spoilers already in place for the wiki. See Ye be Walkin the Plank Quest! for a good example. Be sure to add links to the spoilers where appropriate.

Pages that need Spoilers:

Need To Update Spoilers

We haven't always added links on our spoilers so older quests don't have these. Look through the In-Game Quests and update the spoilers with links as necessary.


Some items are missing release/retire information. We need people to:

1) Find out what items are missing this information

2) Research possible dates, or at least a ballpark (month or year)

Page Creation Projects


We have all the clothing images, some of the pages need to be made, and many others need to be redone. There is a clothing template we hope to switch all these pages to. If you want to work on this project, please contact UpInTheAir.

New Pages to Make

  • Page about Selling Items. Include information about selling prices (how we house them on the wiki) and how to sell them as well as images demonstrating this. Mention how rooms as well as items can be sold. For rooms, you must be in a room (but not the room you are selling) to sell it (get VMK message).
  • A page about using Call For Help the in game help system.
  • Baseball Quests need to be done. See the Red Baseball Costumes and Shoes for which quests. One will have to do some searching on VMKf.
  • Maybe on the VMK Map page or another page, something about the how to navigate to the Guest rooms (see Talk:VMK Map).

Existing Pages Needing General Information/Formatting

If you take a look around, you're likely to find something that needs some work ;)



In order to make editing easier for other editors/potential new editors we need to do the following:

  • Put uncategorized templates into their own category [[Category:Templates]].
    • Be sure to use <noinclude> [[Category:Templates]]</noinclude>
    • Be very very sure that there are no blank lines or spaces between the end of the template portion, and the noinclude section. Speak to Up or Priz if you are confused.
    • Using the Template Category go through templates looking for ones that are missing a Usage section and that are not on the Help:Editing pages.
  • Add usage information to the template page (see Template:HatPics)
  • Add templates to the appropriate pages with appropriate usage and organization in order to provide a comphrenesive template usage guide. When editing these pages please edit the page as a whole and not section by section for we have had encountered problems in the past when just a section was edited.