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Character Menu

Character Menu

To get to the Character Window, click the Character Button, Clothingbutton.jpg

In the Character Menu

Changing how your character looks:

Use the arrow buttons on either side of the pictures to scroll through available options. As you scroll though the options, the changes will be made to your character's image so you can see how you will look.

On the left column:

  • Change Hat- allows you to pick a hat to wear from your inventory or choose to wear no hat at all.
  • Change Hairstyle- choose from a variety of hairstyles, but be warned...some hairstyles do not let you wear a hat.
  • Change Face- offers many face sizes and different features...hard to decide!
  • Change Top- put on a shirt that you have in your inventory
  • Change Bottoms- find some nice bottoms to wear from your inventory
  • Change Shoes- so many shoes to choose from...if you have them in your inventory that is...

On the right column:

  • Change Hair Color- scroll through until something catches your eye
  • Change Skin Tone- go for a normal hue or try something adventurous like blue...or cyan.

Changing your signature:

Your signature is displayed to all VMK players if they click on you, so choose something that represents who you are and that you would like to share. This is where you can change your signature. Simply type your new signature into the designated field and click "OK", and your all set!

Settings Menu

Settings Menu

To get to the Settings Menu, click the Settings Button, Settingsbutton.jpg

In the Settings Menu

Sound Settings

  • Control Volume- choose loud or silent...or maybe something in the middle!
  • Turn Sounds ON or OFF- check or uncheck the boxes to turn ON or OFF the Music, Sound Effects, or Game Interface

Other Settings:

  • Turn tutorials on or off:
When you first start VMK, tutorials offer helpful information about the game. If you're feeling like a pro, you might want to turn these tutorials off. You can do so by unclicking the box next to "Show Tutorials". Feeling a little rusty? You can always turn the tutorials on by clicking on the box again!
  • Turn friend requests on or off:
If you are getting swamped with friend requests, this box can be unchecked and other guests will not be able to send requests for you.
  • Turn trade requests on or off:
If you are getting swamped with trade requests, this box can be unchecked and other guests will not be able to send requests for you. In a trading mood? Simply check the box again to receive trade requests from other players.


On 6 November 2007 the option to turn on and off friend requests was added to the Character and Settings Menu. Previously to this addition the menu looked like this:

Settings Menu

On 23 January 2008 the option to show Found Mickeys was removed as the Hidden Mickeys Part 2 Quest was retired. Prior to this the list of Found Mickeys could be accessed through the settings menu and players could monitor their progress on the Hidden Mickey Quest.

Settings Menu

On 2 October 2006 the Character and Settings Menus were changed to reflect the above descriptions. Character and Setting information could be accessed through the Preferences Button on the toolbar. The old Preferences Menu had two tabs, one for Character and one for Settings. These menus looked like this:

Prefscreen2.jpg Prefscreen1.jpg