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You have three potential ways to communicate with other players in Toontown: SpeedChat, SpeedChat Plus and Secret Friends Chat. For the protection of all children, by default you are NOT allowed to chat openly with all players. To use Secret Friends Chat and SpeedChat Plus you need to enable these features through the Toontown website: Members Service > Preferences. You will need to use the Parent Password to set these changes up.

Secret Friends Chat

The blue button in the upper-left of the screen is for Secret Friends Chat. It allows you to communicate openly with your Secret Friends. There is still filtering on certain words. A Secret Friend is a player with whom you've previously shared a "secret code" outside the game, for example a real-life friend who also plays Toontown. Here's how it works:

Normally, anything that you say using the blue button will be seen by other Toons as incomprehensible animal noises (like "woof woof", or "eepy eepy eek"). Also, anything that another player says using the blue button will be seen by you as animal noises. But your Secret Friend(s) will see your text clearly, and you will see theirs clearly.

Becoming Secret Friends

To become Secret Friends with another player:

  • Open your Friends List window.
  • Click the "Secrets" button, located in the upper-right of the Friends List window.
  • At this point, you can either generate a secret that you can give to someone else, or enter a secret that someone else has previously given you. To generate a code, click the "Get a Secret" button. It will generate and display a secret code that will look something like "TT uev 9gc". Be aware that is a unique code -- whomever enters it will become Secret Friends with your toon. It will expire within two days of being generated, and it can only be used once.
  • Depending on your security settings, you may be asked at this point to enter your Parent Password.
  • Communicate your secret code to the other player, usually outside the game. If the other player is a real-life friend, obviously you can pass the code by telephone, email, etc. If the other player is a member at the Toontown Central website, you could post the code in the "Secret Swapping" forum, or send it to them in a Private Message (PM). One way to pass the code inside the game is via a 3rd player who is already Secret Friends with both of you.
  • Once the other player enters the code, he/she will be added to your Friends List (if not already there) as a Secret Friend.

Once you’ve made a Secret Friend, you can speak ‘openly’ to those players.

If the other Toon is near, you need only to start typing to send a message. You can click on another Toon’s message to bring up their image. Select the chat bubble on their image to return a message. Those who are not a secret friend to you will only see animal sounds (‘mew meow’, etc).

Be careful of the length of your message, cause once it fills the chat bubble it will send the message.

There is a filter in place, so if you use bad words (and even some that may not seem bad to you) the other Toons will not see or hear your message.

If you type a full stop ('.') at the beginning of your message, your message will appear in a thought bubble and stay there, generally, until you say something else, get Tooned up or fall asleep. This method is often used to pass a secret between friends so the message doesn't have to be repeated. It also has the advantage of not blocking the Gag-selections of the Toons in the VP battle (whereas "spoken" words will block the choices from showing).


SpeedChat is a list of pre-set phrases that you can use to communicate with anyone. To use SpeedChat, click the green button in the upper-left of the screen, then choose a SpeedChat phrase from the drop-down menu. Toontown provides dozens of useful and fun phrases, and you can purchase additional phrases from your Cattlelog.

SpeedChat Plus

SpeedChat Plus was introduced as a way to communicate much more freely with non-Secret Friend toons. SpeedChat Plus uses a stored dictionary of acceptable words which all players with this feature enabled can see. While the dictionary is comprehensive, one word which strangely does not appear in the approved list is "pie". Numbers (either 1,2,3 or one, two, three) are not on the approved list of words.


Every Toon animal has 4 distinct vocalizations - 3 of which you can hear in some SpeedChat phrases.

  1. Any generic (unemphasized) statement
  2. ‘?’ by itself or somewhere in your question
  3. ‘!’ by itself or somewhere in your statement. '!' overrides '?'.
  4. ‘Ooo’ by itself or somewhere in your statement. ‘Ooo’ overrides ‘!’ and ‘?’.


Toons show emotions (actions) when using some SpeedChat phrases.

  • Wave Hello with:
    • HELLO
      • Hi!
      • Hello!
      • Hi There!
      • Hey!
      • Howdy!
      • Hi everybody!
  • Wave Goodbye with:
      • Bye!
      • Later!
      • See ya!
  • Jump With Joy with
    • HAPPY
      •  :-)
      • Yay!
      • Hooray!
      • Woo hoo
      • Whoopee!
      • Yippee!
      • Yee hah!
  • Sad Face with:
    • SAD
      •  :-(
      • Oh no!
      • Uh oh!
  • Shrug with:
    • SORRY
      • I can't understand you.
  • Mean face with:
    • STINKY
      • Hey!
      • Please go away!
      • Stop that!
      • That wasn't nice!
      • You stink!
  • Nod "yes" with:
    • Yes
  • Shake head "no" with:
    • No

Common Abbreviations

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Sellbot HQ
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Lawbot HQ
Bossbot HQ
Vice President (Sellbot HQ Boss)
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Chief Justice (Lawbot HQ Boss)
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Headquarters (Where you get tasks in a PG)


Away from Keyboard
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Be Right Back
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