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Welcome to the Official Unreleased Items page. Here we will keep track of all the new and mysterious items that are found in VMK. These items have been found in staff rooms, been tested by the QAs, or brought out for special events. We will not allow items that have not been physically seen in the game to be posted. Remember, in MMORPGs like VMK, items may be initially created in the planning stages, but never make the final cut. Until we see it, it may not exist. Even then, sometimes items that are created will never be released publicly. Alice/Peter Pan ride parts are included in this page if they have been seen in a HOST_ room. Until they are seen in a host room, it cannot be determined whether the items are exclusive to the rides only. There are NO confirmed released dates and nobody knows how these items will be obtained. The look and names of these items are subject to change.

This is Smoop's Official Guide To Unreleased Items. It was compiled with photos and information from many members of VMKF



Other Furniture

  • ALR Present 3
  • ALR Present 4
  • Epcot Turnstile (Due to the new Pay to Play, not OK rule, this item was never released.)
  • Haunted Mansion Walls
  • Host Flags
  • Pink Blizzard Beach Crate
  • PPR Brick Wall Corner
  • PPR Brick Wall SM
  • PPR Candle Wall
  • PPR Leaf Green
  • PPR Leaf Sea Green
  • PPR Mountain MD
  • PPR Rainbow Mountain
  • Standing Mint Red
  • Tron Table Red


Magic Pins

Other Pins

  • Best Music Mix Award Pin
  • VMK Insider Tour Pin
  • VMK Tomorrowland Quest Pin



  • Davey Jones/Coral Magic Costume
  • Jack Sparrow Costume (Version 1)

Other Clothing

  • Blue Deep Sea Diving Boots
  • Long Sleeve Red HKDL Shirt/Sweater


  • Narnia Map Without Snow