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Players Guide
Players Guide

After making your avatar, you are put through the tutorial, or basics, of the game. This means you can't really progress in the game yet, until you you complete the tutorial.

Where You Start


You are still in Jail after making your avatar. But, Jack Sparrow shows you how to get out of your jail cell, you click the shift key and you open the doors. Then, you'll see a bunch of stairs, walk up it, and you'll see some doors, click the shift key to get out.

Going To A Building

First Part of Tutorial

When you escaped jail, you must then go straight ahead to a building, a ray of light will guide you. You will then go through a "movie" of two people talking to you, giving you advice, and giving you a sea chest.

Inside The Building

The Two People You See

Now, you should be inside the building, where you see a man at first, then a women coming soon after.

Sea Chest

Receiving the Sea Chest

Now, the man talks about how Jack Sparrow owes him for something. He then gives you a sea chest.

Now, it tells you how to open it. The way it tells you is by clicking it, but there's two other ways.

POTCO Bullet The first way is by pushing the Tab key on your keyboard.
POTCO Bullet The second way is not needed right now, but it's good for later in the game. You can push certain keys on your keyboard to open up a certain section of your sea chest.

Click The Journal Icon

If you did what it told you to open it, by clicking on the sea chest, it opens you to a black part of the sea chest. It now tells you to push the Journal Icon, Journalicon.jpg. You could also just push the "J" key on your keyboard.


Now, your journal is open. If you look to the left side of your sea chest, you see two things listed on your journal. You can click on them to find out what quest is for what, what you need to do, and sometimes what the reward is. After your done look at your journal it asks you to click on the sea chest to close it. You can also push the Tab key on your keyboard to close it.

The man asks you to go to Captain Bo Beck to get a ride out of here, because the island is being attacked. He writes that in your journal for you.

Captain Bo Beck

Captain Bo Beck is a person you only see once, because, well, he doesn't make it too long. He asks you to hurry up and get on, he was about to sail off with out you. Then, he asks you to get to a cannon. Walk near a cannon and push the shift key to use it.

Using the Cannon 1

It tells you that the left mouse button fires your cannon. What it didn't tell you is that you can push the Control key (Ctrl) to fire as well. Another thing it doesn't tell you is how to move your cannon there's two ways.

POTCO Bullet Hold down on your right mouse button and move your mouse at the same time to move your cannon left, right, up, and down.
POTCO Bullet Use your mouse keys. The up key moves it higher, down moves it lower, right moves it right, and left moves it left. You are asked to hit the ship three times.

Exiting From Your Cannon

Once you've hit the ship at least three times, you are asked to leave your cannon, which is pushing the Escape key (Esc) on your keyboard.

Meeting the Jolly Roger

Now, you go through another short, "movie", where you meet the Jolly Roger for the first time. He is very mad about Captain Bo Beck for not getting Jack Sparrow on the ship. They had a deal you see, the Jolly Roger paid him gold, and Captain Bo Beck didn't get Jack Sparrow, because Jack paid him double. So, the Jolly Roger, attacks Captain Bo Beck, and is turned to dust. The Jolly Roger saves your life, but you have to swim to shore. He says if you find Jack Sparrow, to tell him he's looking for him. You now swim to shore while the ship you are on, is sunk.

Port Royal

Going to Will Turner

After swimming, you come to shore in Port Royal. You need a weapon to fight, don't you? So you get a tip to go to Will Turner, for a sword.

Weapon Training

Once you get in, at first, Will Turner thinks you're an enemy, but soon finds out your not. He gives you a cutlass, it's a little rusty, off balance, but hey, it's better than nothing.

Want To Learn How To Use Weapsons?

You now go into training for your cutlass. If you don't want training you can click no, but, you get rep for your sword if you go through training.

If you click no, skip to Defeat an Undead Gravedigger Before Visiting Tia Dalma

Drawing Your Sward

It asks you to click the sword button to draw you sword, but there's another way. You can click the F1 Key on your keyboard to draw your sword. NOTE: F1-F6 keys on your keyboards are buttons to draw your weapons, when you get them. For now, you can only use the F1 key on your keyboard.

Attacking Using Your Cutlass

To attack, they tell you one way, but there's two other ways. The way they tell you, which is the easiest, is pushing the left mouse button. The other way is using the Control key (Ctrl) on your keyboard. The last way is by clicking the attack you want to do, which is at the bottom of the screen. At the moment, it's only sweep.

Combo Attacks

To do a combo attack, there's two ways of doing it. The easiest way, which is the one they tell you, is by timing your left mouse click just right. You can also time your pushing of the Control key (Ctrl) on you keyboard.

Leveling Up Your Cutlass

After doing your combo attack, your cutlass goes up a level. You see yellow going around your pirate, that means something you own, or your notoriety went up. This time, it was your cutlass. On the left of your screen, when you see that yellow around you, a box shows up. It tells you what attacks, health, voodoo magic, or all of them increased by how much. In the talking area, if you didn't see the yellow, it tells you what was leveled up in green.

It now tells you to open up your sea chest, by click on it, pushing the Tab key on your keyboard, or by pushing certain letters on your keyboard.

Using Skill Points

Each time you level up any weapon, you receive a Skill Point. The skill points levels up a certain ability that weapon can do. Once you use a Skill Point, it's gone forever, you can't get it back, so choose wisely!! It tells you to click the skill called sweep, click on it.

Sweep Skill Unlocked, closed the sea chest.

Once you have unlocked the skill, "sweep", you may now use it, but first, close your sea chest.

Using the skill "Sweep"

Now, Will asks you to use the new move, "sweep". Follow the arrow and click on the icon "sweep". You will then see you and your sword go in a circle, and attack the two dummies.

Put Away Your Weapon

Now to put away your weapon, push the Escape Key (Esc) on your keyboard.

Battling Your First Enemy

Defeat An Undead Gravedigger

Before you visit Tia Dalma, defeat a level one, Undead Gravedigger. They will attack back, so be quick in defeating them, with your sword.

Visiting Tia Dalma

Visit Tia Dalma

Now, follow the ray of light into the tree, to see Tia Dalma.

Tia Dalma's Speech

Lord Beckett's Army

Tia Dalma talks about how Lord Beckett has his own army, she then shows you images of these people.

Tia Dalma also talks about Jolly Roger's Army of Undead Skeletons.

The Way Of The Compass

Would you like to learn how to use the compass?

After Tia Dalma's speech, you are asked if you want to learn how to use the compass, click yes if you want to learn how, or no, if you don't want to be told.

Enemies, Townfolk, and Other People

Now, you are told about what the symbols on the compass mean. The red mean enemies, the green mean Townfolk, and the blue mean allies (other pirates).

You and Exits

You are the white dot, located, always, in the center of the compass. Exits are rectangles.

Quest Arrow

Around your compass, you'll see a gold/yellow arrow, that points to the quest you are currently looking for.

Defeating A Navy Soldier

Defeat Navy Soliders

Now, defeat any Navy Soldier to recover release orders. Use your sword to defeat one.

Going To The Governor's Mansion

Go to the Governor's Mansion

Follow the ray of light given to you, to find Elizabeth Swann, in the Governor's Mansion.

Find Darby Drydock

Follow the ray of light to Darby Drydock, to get a ship, to set sail.

Naming Your Ship

Naming Your Ship

This is the first time, of probably many, naming your ship(s). You click the up and down arrows to find different choices of names.

Launch Your Ship

Launch Your Ship

Go to a dinghy to launch your ship. Once you get to your ship, click the shift key. Then, choose a ship, and click ok.

Sailing Your Ship

Go to the wheel, and click the shift key. You'll then be able to move your ship with the arrow keys, and rotate your angle view by holding down the right mouse button and moving your mouse at the same time. Use your camera angle to look for Devil's Anvil, and sail towards it. Once you get close enough, you can click the dock button at the bottom of your screen. Then go into the cave, where you'll see Captain Barbossa, and talk to him.

Your Pistol

Captain Barbossa gives you a new weapon, the pistol! You are told the basics on how to work it.


Aiming Your Pistol

Try shooting it at the monkey (Jack). But, you need to aim your pistol. To aim, use hold down your right mouse button, and move it towards the monkey (Jack).


Shooting Your Pistol

Now, try shooting at the monkey (Jack). To shoot, aim at the monkey, and then click your left mouse button, or the control (Ctrl) button on your keyboard.

Pirate Code

Warning About The Code

Now, Captain Barbossa warns you that you can't shoot at everything. You can't shoot people, but the rest is fair game. But, if you wish to shoot other pirates, ye both must be using a special coin. The coin makes you look dead, so you can shoot at each other all you like.

Pirate Vs. Pirate Combat

Getting To Pirate Vs. Pirate

If you wish to shoot at other pirates, you must go to the Pirate Vs. Pirate, in the lookout section of your Sea Chest. To get there, open up your Sea Chest, by either pushing the tab key, or clicking the Sea Chest on the screen. Then go down to look out, and click it. An easier way is to just push the letter "L" on your keyboard, it will bring you to the lookout section.

Close Your Sea Chest

Close Your Sea Chest

Now, close your Sea Chest by pushing the tab key, or clicking on the Sea Ches icon, on your screen.

Jack Sparrow

Find Jack Sparrow

Sail To Find Jack Sparrow

Now, get on a boat, and sail to Tortuga, then follow the ray of light to the Faithful Bride tavern, and talk to Jack Sparrow.

Talking To Other Pirates

Opening Chat

Opening Your Chat

To open the chat option, click either on the arrow, located on the bottom left of your screen, or push the enter key (or return).

Sending Messages

Sending Your Messages

Now, type anything you wish, as long as it's appropriate, and push the enter key (or return) again, to send it. If you don't push the enter key (or return), before typing a message, something else might happen, and not any letters will appear in your text box.

Friends Or Crew Option

Making Friends Or Crew

Now, if you see a pirate, and you want that pirate to be your friend, click on them, and go to the friend button, and click on it. Then you get a message, if you want to ask this person to be your friend. Same thing goes with crew, but you go to the crew option instead. If the pirate doesn't want to be your friend, or join your crew, they'll say no, when the request comes to them, and a message will tell you if they say yes or no.

Checking Your Friend/Crew/Guild Members

Checking Your Friend/Crew/Guild Members

To open your friend/crew/guild list, click the "F" key on your keyboard, or open up your Sea Chest, and click the mug icon, Mug Icon.