Top Players 10 March 2008

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Best Guest Room

ForeverWDW's NASCAR Races VMK Style races to the finish line and takes this week's Best Guest Room honors.

Do you have a cool Guest Room you want to tell the Kingdom about? Do you know someone with a great hangout spot or game? Then nominate yourself or someone else for Best Game Room, Best Guest Room or Best Quest Room!

To nominate a player for consideration, click the Contact Us link at the bottom of any VMK webpage and then follow the prompts. You must select Nominate the Best from the list of options to have your nomination considered.

Club 33 Party

The weekly Best Guest Room Winner wins a party in Club 33!

Send in your nomination now!

Player created Guest, Quest or Game Rooms demonstrate originality in concept and design. Our judges are looking for creativity, so try using traditional items in different and unique ways. Rooms are judged by VMK Staff and selected from player submitted rooms and Quest.

New winners are posted here every week.

Game rooms that get the nod offer a new game idea or a new twist on an old favorite. In all rooms we look for room owners who welcome everyone with a smile and show a willingness to answer questions about their room.

Check out this week's Best Guest Rooms and Best Game Rooms.

Best Guest Rooms

Best Guest Room
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Kick off racing season with ForeverWDW's NASCAR Races VMK Style! This newly constructed oval track comes with with zero degree banking and a pit road!

Race two-wide down the front and back stretches but watchout for that bump draft coming out of turn two! Not a driver? Then grab some popcorn and have a seat in the grandstands while you follow your favorite driver.

The Best Guest Room Winner receives:
- 2000 credits
- A free room (Haunted Mansion Conservatory)
- Best Guest Room Award Pin
- Plus! A party in Club 33!

Best Game Rooms

Best Game Room
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On your mark, get set, go! The Magical Stage Race Game! will have you racing to the top of the stage to perform a magic trick!

How about a rousing round of Seagull Races? Then step up me hearties, Christine.s has a game for you. This room makes great use of VMK's Pirates of the Caribbean Ride-A-Thon prizes. Players roll the Random Number Generator and then try to be the fastest Seagull island-hopper.

The Best Game Room Winner receives:
- 2000 credits
- A free room
- Best Game Room Award Pin

Best Quest Rooms

Best Quest
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If you step into papersouls Quest room, you won't miss the VMK logo, thanks to the Biggest VMK Sign but make sure you don't miss the fantastic Quest!

The "Can't We All Just Get Along?" Quest teaches you VMK Values and proper netiquette. Play along while everyone recites the standards that keep VMK a fun and fantastic place to play. Need help? Papersouls is the perfect hostess and has all the answers at her fingertips!

The Best Quest Room Winner receives:
- 2000 credits
- A free room
- Best Quest Room Award Pin

Best Pirate Quest Rooms

Best Quest
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Ahoy and congratulation's Cat-Gyrl you're the winner of VMK's very first Best Pirate Quest!

Cat-Gyrl's awesome POTC Royal Battle Pirate Quests is pirate perfection! Housed in a fantastic fort along the banks of the VMK seas, you'll find two swashbuckling adventures.

Navigate this set of fun-filled phenomenal Quest and you could win a pile of pirate loot! Arrgh! Tis an adventure worthy of anyone who calls himself a pirate!

Best Pirate Quest Winners receive a bounty of treasure:

Seagull Hat, Crow's Nest Barstool and Pole, Pirate Treasure Rug Small, Flaming Ransacked Window; Captain's Quarters Couch; Pirate Cannon Room; Pirate Insider Tour Pin AND 14-day unlimited access memberships to Pirates of the Caribbean Online.

4 winners will be selected on the following dates: 3/10, 3/17, 3/24, 3/31.

Get building your best Pirates Quest now!

New players are selected weekly in each category depending on number of nominations/submissions.

Players who have previously won as a Top Player do not receive the Room Award Pin twice, instead, they receive a VIP Award Pin.

Room awards offered may change without notice. VMK reserves the right to subtitute or change awards at any time.