Toontown Myths and Rumors

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Here you will read stories that have been going around in rooms since beta, to ones that started last Monday. We hope that this page will help clear things up.

Tales from Home

Here you'll find all the information you'll need to sort fact from fiction when it comes to your Estate!

  • Claim: Saying Angry phrases to your Doodle makes them sad.
    • Status: Not exactly.
  • Saying stuff like "You stink!" does effect your Doodle's emotion, but instead of making it sad like most people say, it makes them tired.

  • Claim: If you use a glitch to get under your house, there will be ripples under your Toon's feet when you walk, just like you're in water.
    • Status: True.
  • Known as the Basement Glitch, if you get into the "gray" and put a rug down, then, while on the rug, jump into the gray and get stuck in the air, then open the Shticker book, your Toon will "jump" down under your house. If you get at just the right level, you'll see the ripples.

  • Claim: At a time, estates had a parking lot for Karts.
    • Status: Not exactly.
  • When Goofy Speedway first came out, there was a glitch that caused the karts that were being used to appear at your estate when you went home from the Speedway. At first, many thought this was suppose to happen, and that your estate had a "Parking lot".

  • Claim: There used to be a "Door of Doom" bug that would cause Toontown to crash whenever someone exited your house.
    • Status: True.
  • There used to be a bug that occurred when you put your closet behind the exit to your home. The prankster would usually put a painting over the door to hide the parts of the closet that stuck out. Whenever someone went through the door, Toontown would close. But, when the owner went through the door, he'd get a black screen and would have to restart Toontown.

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  • Claim: The sun glitch and ghost glitch were fixed.
    • Status: False.
  • Though the ghost glitch is now more difficult than before, and the sun glitch was incredibly hard to begin with, it is still possible to do both glitches.

  • Claim: It is possible to go outside your house into "The Green".
    • Status: True.
  • In your estate, you see that there is a chunk of your house missing to make it a perfect square. Go next to the wall, then press, "Move Furnishings". Move your Toon forward, then press "Done." You will see a black screen, where you can walk anywhere you want. Also, if you jump, your Toon will stay in the jumping position until you go back into your estate or set down a rug under your Toon.
  • Another method uses the door to your house. Once inside your house face the door but do not exit. Next select "Move Furnishings" and while open start moving your Toon toward the door. Your Toon will not be able to open the door and will appear to run in place. While moving forward close "Move furnishings". Your Toon will pop through the door and appear in the green outside your house. At any time running through the wall will get you back inside your house.

Speedway Stories

If you think someone's really skilled at racing, or your friend's gone crazy with his quicksand story, think again!

  • Claim: If you get beyond the gates in a race track, your kart will slowly start to sink into the gray every time it moves.
    • Status: True.
  • If you manage to get a speed boost and start taking a bunch of screenshots, and manage to lag your way through the gate, and somehow be able to get past the new thing that teleports you back on the track if you pass the gate, then you'll see that this "Quicksand" exists.

  • Claim: It is impossible to get less than a minute on Screwball Stadium.
    • Status: True.
  • It has been proven. Even if you get a lot of speed boosts, it's still impossible. It takes you at least 10 seconds to reach the first row of presents on the first lap of the reverse track, plus the very little time you have when you try to finish the second and third lap due to the first lap finished in over 20 seconds, plus the turns, which take up a couple seconds, especially when using a speed boost. The non-reverse track has too many sharp turns to use a speed boost. The only way of finishing the whole race in less than a minute is by hacking.

The Truth on Gags

  • Claim: Lured cogs are always hit.
    • Status: Mostly true.
  • While throw and squirt gags always hit lured cogs, sound gags sometimes miss when not every cog is lured.

  • Claim: It's impossible to have all gag tracks and still be less than 50 laff.
    • Status: False.
  • Up until November 24, 2004, it was possible for toons to skip their laff toontasks, allowing for uber toons with all their gag tracks.

  • Claim: SOS cards always hit.
    • Status: False.
  • Despite popular belief, this is not true. SOS cards can miss. However, this only applies to ones that attack/lure the cogs, and not ones that restock or make cogs miss.

Cog Rumors

Might want to check this page next time you go do a mint!

  • Claim: The CFO can pick up safes close to him and use them as a helmet.
    • Status: True.
  • Don't start stinking the toons using the crane just yet! When he's in danger, he'll start putting on helmets, even if no one's thrown a safe on him when he wasn't stunned.

  • Claim: The next Cog HQ will be called Cog Nation, with the boss being the Chairman.
    • Status: Undetermined.
  • While nobody knows what Toontown will add next except those developing it, it seems very likely that this will happen. So far, Toontown has mentioned Cog Nation in threedifferent places. That sounds like more than just a coincidence, don't you think?
  • As for the Chairman, the only proof is that the CEO say 'The Chairman won't like this!' when defeated.
  • It should be noted that the pictures found here were photoshopped for April Fools' Day.

  • Claim: Image shows the exterior of a Bossbot HQ factory.
  • Status: False.
  • This picture has been circulating among Toontown fansites for years, causing much chaos and unnecessary confusion. Now that Bossbot HQ has been released, this myth can be put to rest once and for all. The image comes from an old Toontown news article that described the work being done on Cog HQ (see Backstage columns). Originally, the plan was for toons to go to individual factories for each suit part. But, plans changed, and thus the Arm Factory pictured to the right never came to be.

  • Claim: You always have to use the Delete (Del) key to throw pies in a VP battle.
    • Status: False.
  • While it is true you CAN use the Delete key to throw a pie, it is not true that you have to. You can also click the picture of a pie on your screen and hold to control your aim.

  • Claim: There is a glitch that allows you to walk in a VP skelecog battle.
    • Status: True.
  • Though I won't say how to do this, the glitch is real, and I've done it many times before. Although, keep in mind it has its ups and downs when it comes to being in both battles at once. Not only can you get Toon-uped twice as much, but you can get hit by cogs twice as much as well. Not only that, but at certain times you'll be unable to choose a gag for one of the battles.

  • Claim: You can see the name of the type of points (Like bucks and merits) that will be needed in future HQs by doing a glitch while dancing after a CFO or VP battle.
    • Status: False.
  • The glitch shows you the current tags for the points, but those points may not be the final names. Before Lawbot HQ was released, the screen showed that the Lawbot merit type was Subpoenas when this glitch was done - indicating that the merit name is subject to change since the merit type for Lawbot is Jury Notices. When Bossbot HQ came out, the name of the type of points was Stock Options and not pinkslips. Although it is true that pinkslips were used as a reward instead of the point type.

  • Claim: The floors in Lawbot HQ are reflective.
    • Status: Not exactly.
  • Yes, the Lawbot HQ floors do give off an effect of reflection, but really the Toontown crew built another Lawbot HQ courtyard model up-side down right under the floor instead!

Fishy Facts

  • Claim: The more perfectly you cast, the rarer the fish you catch.
    • Status: False.
  • The fish that you catch are random. Although, there are less chances of catching certain fish, such as the Devil Ray. The rarity of the fish depends on which pond you're at.

  • Claim: The Frozen Fish is ONLY found in The Brrrgh.
    • Status: True.
  • Since the fish is frozen, it's only found in The Brrrgh, of course.

  • Claim: It's easier to catch the Devil Ray with a twig rod.
    • Status: Probably.
  • Since there are more heavy fish than light fish, and the Devil Ray is light, it's possible that it's easier to catch it with a twig rod than a gold one, since there are more possible fish to catch with gold.

  • Claim: There is a hidden knock-knock joke door by a fishing pond in The Brrrgh.
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    • Status: True.
  • By doing a special glitch that will let you get behind the wall by the fish pond, you can go to the working knock-knock door and listen to the hidden joke. What does it say? Go find out for yourself!

  • The pictures found in the post above were created as a prank for April Fools' in 2007. But despite the fact that the author of the post had admitted to creating the images, people continued to believe this path actually existed- some even after the actual path to Bossbot HQ was released on test. Many times, the "backstory" was changed, saying that the pictures were taken by hackers, or people who had supposedly been left online after Toontown had closed for maintenance.

Buyer Beware

Here, you'll find information on rumors surrounding shops and theirs owners.

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  • Claim: When Lawbot HQ came out, Polar Place came with it. Visiting Hibernation Vacations on Polar Place and saying "Howdy" would cause your Toon to grow and turn white.
    • Status: True.
  • As strange as it may seem, this is actually true! Head on to Hibernation Vacations today to enjoy this special easter egg! Note: This only effects your Toon when you're in The Brrrgh.

  • Claim: There is a special shop to go to get the resistance salute, "Toons of the world unite!"
    • Status: True.
  • Yes, there is a place where you can go to get the resistance salute. Go to Whispering Willow at Talking In Your Sleep Voice Training on Pajama Place in Donald's Dreamland and ask her, "Would you like some help?"
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  • Claim: Gus Gooseburger has red gloves.
    • Status: True.
  • It is, in fact, true. Though the actual reason is unknown, it's been guessed that the reason is so he can hold the goosebumps, though this is an unofficial reason. In the earliest days of Toontown, Toons could choose the color of their gloves, so maybe the Gus Gooseburger NPC was created in back then.
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  • Claim: Chicken Boy has a yellow and green soccer shirt.
    • Status: True.
  • Like Gus Gooseburger, Chicken Boy (Pea Soup CafĂ©) wears an unreleased item. It's unknown whether this item will be released in the future, but for the time being, it's a Chicken Boy original. Also like Gus, it's likely that he was created in the early days of Toontown.