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Released: 16 November 2007 Stage
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The Stage is located in The Plaza sandwiched between The Pet Shop and The Pizza Parlor.

The Stage is a place for penguins to perform different plays, act in different scenes, and show their creativity.

On the Ground Floor are twenty chairs for a penguin audience to view the show.

There are also two box seats on the second story, both of which have two seats.
LeftBoxSeat.jpg RightBoxSeat.jpg

A penguin wishing to act in the play only has to open the Script Notepad on the lower right and click the phrases to say them.

In addition there is a Costume Catalog and a Costume Trunk (both open the same catalog). A penguin can purchase the costumes for the current play's characters.
CostumeTrunkIcon.jpg CostumeTrunk.jpg


Left - The Plaza


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