The Little Mermaid Pinball

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What is The Little Mermaid Pinball?

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Here are the games features:

  • 3 Enchanting Boards - Experience pinball excitement on three undersea boards!

  • 3 Fun mini-games!

  • Multiple Pinballs - Activate extra pinballs with the whirlpool or starfish roulette.

  • Danger - Watch out for Ursula and the ball-stealing tricks of her slimy sidekicks!

  • Familiar Friends - Ariel, Flounder, Sebastian, Scuttle, and their deep-sea friends.

  • Tons of power-ups!

  • 12 Exciting Levels!

  • Bonus Points - Save Ariel's sisters and collect dinglehoppers to score big!

How to Play


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  • For controls, please click the third thumbnail from the top. For tips & tricks, click the bottom thumbnail.

  • If you can't view the controls thumbnail, the down arrow key is the plunger (Ball launcher), the control (ctrl) buttons are the flippers (left and right arrow keys can also be used for the flippers), the shift keys are to tilt the board if your ball gets stuck (you can also press the space bar to bump the table), enter starts the game, and escape (esc) is for Help, Pause, and Quit.

Game Play

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Your ball had it's voice stolen!(Click to enlarge)
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  • You start out in the main board, and you can get to the palace board by hitting the giant clam (blue) when it's open.

  • Don't be sad if you lose your ball in the main board, since you can still save it! In fact, you can double it! You see, it goes to the Ursula board, where you can..
    • Wake up Usula, and have your ball have its voice stolen! This may seem bad at first, but if you can break the mirror and free your voice, then you can go back to the main board and use both your normal ball, and your voice at the same time!
    • Hit enough "Poor Unfortunate Souls" to clear a path to the main board.
    • Hit one of Ursula's pet eels to clear a path to the main board.

  • Hit all three of the friend cards (Right side), that have Flounder, Sebastian, and Scuttle on them.
    • Hit all three, and you'll get the chance to earn even more points by collecting the "dinglehoppers" (Forks).

  • Hit the yellow shell to activate the geyser!

  • Collect letters, and hit snails to get some extra points.

  • In the palace board, make sure to save Ariel's sister! They're on the cards on the right side of the board.