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Editor Notes

  • Help will guide you with further edits to the Toontown side of the Disney's Online Worlds wiki.
  • Please test stuff in the TTWiki Sandbox if you are testing a new idea, or trying something out, that you're not sure of.


I like it Squiddy, But I dont really like the Sell hq one and Law hq one. I am thinking of haveing them the logo's (Sell hq have the sellbot logo, Cash have the Cashbot logo.....) The other ones look really great. Kit T. Kat

I removed the above part because it was kind of... unnecessary? (bad word, sorry, can't think of the right one). As far as the HQs go... I was stealing the symbols from somewhere in the HQs themselves, that's why the Sell and Cash ones aren't just the standard symbols themselves. I definitely think, looking at the one I had for Law HQ, that we need something new for at least Law. I dunno. :P CBD

I dont think Law and Boss have symbols. I do think it might look good to see like, A fish logo for the Fish area, a Gear for the Cog area. The book for the sticker (i call it that, because i always misspell its real name) book. Kit T. Kat

We did have that at one point in time, but it made the page look excessively... busy. Each picture I took from the game resized in a slightly different manner, and it just became this gross hodge-podge of images for those sections. I'd like to find a general Toontown Bullet that isn't just an orange blob. It's not that I don't like the "blob", I just think there's a better option out there that we haven't come across yet. :] --CBD 13:39, 20 February 2008 (CST)

What about something like a toon's face? I have Kit's face scaled down and edited to just his face. Kit T. Kat

Hey, CBD, I was looking at the TT page and it looks like you resized the acorn bullet. I don't see what was wrong with it, and you said you were resizing it to the "standard size", but it looked a lot better before. Now it looks really stretched, in a bad way. Since I made the bullet, would you like me to send you the original? I can even resize it to the size of your choice, but still retaining the original proportions of the image. -Squiddy22

If you noticed, all the bullets are the same width, the only problem was that I didn't have PS reinstalled at the time of that resize... I know where to get the acorn, I just have to redo it real quick. Blame Paint.

Kit T., that's actually a wonderful idea. I think it might be ever better if maybe we can take Flippy's face? I don't know, maybe some random toon we all know (just not Lil' Oldman!) --CBD 21:47, 20 February 2008 (CST)

CBD, I'd be more than happy to resize them for you. If you want to do it yourself, download GIMP and read my GIMP guide on TTC. But for now, you can just let me know what you want the width or height to be of the acorn. It only takes 30 seconds for me to do it. -Squiddy22 :-)

Whoops, we both went to edit this at the same time. XD

It would be MUCH appreciate if it really is that easy to access, the only thing that matters is that the background is white (which is what you had, but it can be a little jerk to try to change that. XD), and that the width is 20 pixels (most things that resize images should keep it proportional to the height so it doesn't look all funky). Thanks! --CBD 22:47, 20 February 2008 (CST)

Yeah, I know about the white BG. I'll make it transparent instead so it can blend into whatever BG for whatever reason. I'm working on it right now and I'll have it uploaded ASAP. - Squiddy22

Okay, I just uploaded it, 20 pixels like you asked. I couldn't make the BG transparent but white will work, only because it was a JPEG and I can't save transparency with JPEGs. But a white BG will be fine. -Squiddy22

Yes a white BG will be perfectly fine. I accucally use Game Maker 7 for editing sprites/icons :-P What i can do is get the Toontown Vista Launcher icon and take out the area surrounding it, leaving only flippy's face.

Or MS Paint will work fine with this. Kit T. Kat

The launcher icon is a great idea! I think it'll even work without editing out his face... Let me see what I can whip up will quick. I'm assuming the Vista launcher icon is the same color as the regular ones, right? xD --CBD 09:41, 21 February 2008 (CST)

Vista launcher is a little different. I changed it from the Web Launcher icon, to the Vista launcher icon. Kit T. Kat

The current Sellbot & Cashbot bullets still don't look right to me; they don't quite fit in. I think they look A LOT better with their appropriate cog symbol, like the Lawbot & Bossbot bullets do. --Squiddy22 08:04, 17 July 2008 (PDT)

Nomenclature/General Discussion

Do we want the Cog HQ articles to all follow the same pattern? If you don't understand what I mean, it would basically consist of changing the article names - instead of "The V.P.", the article would be called "Sellbot Senior V.P.", "The Chief Justice" would be "Lawbot Chief Justice", etc?

EDIT: In typical fashion for me, I kinda feel like my initial rant was extremely rude, and I want to reiterate that that was not my intention. I think the main problem is that, for some strange reason, the more we communicate about what needs to be done, the less we actually seem to... communicate. I would like to state here that I'm going to go against what I've been told by many people wasn't excessive use of images, and start to roll back some of the image use on current pages. If I get time tonight, I'll just do it on a few of the pages on/off of Toontown Central, and wait for some feedback before I go further.

Again, PLEASE do NOT HESITATE to tell me when you think someone I've done is a bad idea, or that the images are too excessive. I'm trying to find the fine line between kid-friendly and excessive graphics, and I'm worrying about going too far enough. I need other people to give me their honest opinion, not change their mind when I'm not around. I don't bite, I only seem like I might. XD

--CBD 22:47, 20 February 2008 (CST)

I got The Dogfather's Permission to use any piece of information from his BBHQ Guides. -Rocky

Gags 'N Gears Blog

Is this going to be added to the main page or has it already been created somewhere? --Tricky 15:58, 7 December 2008 (PST)