Story Chapter: Set Sail (July 2009)

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This is where the tutorial ends, and the game begins, although there will be a few tutorial scenematics as you continue.

In this quest you will practice using your cutlass, explore some of Port Royal, meet Elizabeth Swann, acquire and name your first ship, and meet Captain Barbossa who will arm you with a pistol.

The following quest materials/tasks were implemented/verified on/around July 2009.

Prior materials/tasks required by this portion of the story quest can be reviewed here: Story Chapter: Set Sail (Pre July 2009)

Story Chapter: Set Sail

: Explore Port Royal, meet Elizabeth Swann, acquire a ship, and sail/meet Captain Barbossa.

Piratesstub.jpg The various quest tasks/steps listed here represent {{ #ifeq: 100 | 100 | 100% | only a portion }} of this quest.