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Ship Repair

Ship Repair PGuide.jpg Some folks believe Ship Repair is a lost art. Well, in these parts that lost art was quickly rediscovered – and revived -- with the massive influx of damaged and destroyed vessels along our shores. Mastering the essentials of ship repair is as simple as finding a Shipwright.

To get started, locate a ship repairing table near any Shipwright and start hammering away. You can also help repair ships while at sea. Whether it be sawing planks, hammering nails, patching leaks, or scraping barnacles off the bottom of a ship, help fix Pirate ships for fun and for profit!

That’s right, you can get paid to help repair damaged vessels, both on land and sea – and plenty of ships need fixing!

Game Tip Game Tip: Repair your ship faster with Friends, Guildmates, and Crews at sea.

Repair at Land

To begin your job as a shipwright's helper, and repair ships for profit, walk up to any of the tables on the Main Islands and hit the Shift Key. There are three tables on each island which vary on difficulty. The tables are always set up from left to right in order of increasing difficulty. (Easy = Left ; Intermediate = Middle ; Hard = Right) When you complete all 5 tasks, you will be rewarded a set amount of gold, and be told your final completion time.

Ship Repair Tables on Port Royal

Repair at Sea

Repairing at sea is near the same as repair at land, only the stakes are much higher! When repairing at sea, you can actually repair your, or your captain's, ship without ever returning to port! To begin repairing a damaged ship out as sea, walk up to one of the scarred areas of the ship and press the SHIFT key. The difficulty of the tasks presented varies by ship size and the severity of the damage. When you have completed all 5 tasks, the ship will receive marginal repairs, starting with the sails and main health, then the reinforcement of the hull. If the ship still needs repairs, the tasks will reset themselves so that you may repeat them.


To successfully repair a ship, you must complete 5 tasks as quickly as possible. These tasks include Hull Scrubbing(Land Only), Bilge Pumping (Only at Sea), Plank Sawing, Hull Bracing, Hammering, and Hull Patching, and they can be completed in any order that you desire. As you work towards completing tasks, the ring around each tab will fill up. When you have completed the task, the ring will be completely green and a check-mark will be stamped onto the tab.

Hull Scrubbing

Hull Scrubbing is the first task at the Ship Repair navigation that you must complete, and is only available when repairing at land. The objective is to scrub all of the barnacles off the ship as quickly as possible. This is done by shaking the mouse cursor, represented by a scrub brush, over the barnacles. The barnacles will shrink as you repeatedly move the mouse over them, and eventually fall off.

Large barnacles can be removed faster by using your "Power", indicated by the bar on the right of the screen. To use your scrubbing power, click and hold the left mouse button as you scrub the barnacles. When you run out of power, simply release the left mouse button and it will recharge.

This task is completed when you have successfully removed all the barnacles from the screen.

Keep moving your mouse over the barnacles to scrub! Click for power! Release to recharge.

Bilge Pumping

Bilge Pumping replaces Hull Scrubbing at sea, and your objective is to pump all the water out of the bottom of the ship! This is done by timing your mouse clicks just right, so that the bilge bar is in the green when you click. Each time you successfully hit the green bar, the amount of water in the ship silhouette to the right will go down and the speed at which the bilge bar moves will increase. The amount of times you need to do this will vary depending on the severity of damage to the ship, and what type of ship it is.

You have completed this task when all the water is successfully pumped out of the ship silhouette.

Plank Sawing

Pick up the saw and cut along the black line!
Plank Sawing is the second task, combining the skills of speed and precision to saw planks into various shapes. The mouse pointer becomes a saw, which you must click and drag along a darkened line across the planks of wood.

If you can keep the saw within the darkest part of the line, you will receive perfect markings. Your ranking will go down the more your cut extends into the lighter area around the cutting line. If you accidentally go outside of the cutting area, the board will break and you will receive no credit! The number of planks you will need to cut depends on your precision.

You have completed this task when you have sawed enough planks to fill up the progress bar plank sawing icon.

Hull Bracing

Hull Bracing employs your ability to solve puzzles. Moving one block at a time, you must rearrange the blocks so that those marked with horizontal red and/or vertical green stripes are aligned to form a straight line top to bottom. The Easy ship repair will only include a horizontal red stripe, Intermediate adds more solid wooden blocks, and Hard adds a green vertical stripe to the mix. Your ranking will be determined by how quickly you are able to solve the puzzle.

You have completed this task when you have successfully solved the puzzle presented.

Move the pieces to form a straight line!


Hit the nails when the circle is the smallest!
Hammering makes use of your ability of timing. Your mouse pointer will become a set of green cross-hairs that increase and decrease in size continually. The numbers of nails you must complete depends on the difficulty setting. You will have to complete 4 on Easy, 6 on Intermediate, and 7 on Hard.

The objective is to aim the cross-hairs over a nail-head and click when they have shrunk to their smallest size. If you hit it when the cross-hairs are at their minimum, you will one-hit the nail and receive a perfect marking. Click too late, and the cross-hairs will change to a shade of red or yellow, and you will have to wait for them to return to green before attempting to hit the nail again.

You have completed this task when you have successfully nailed all the nails to the plank.

Hull Pitching

Hull Pitching is the last task you need to complete to successfully repair a ship, and makes use of hand eye coordination. Your pointer will this time change into a bucket of pitch, and you will be presented with a hull wall. Numerous holes will appear in the wall and water will gush in, and your task is to cover these holes with pitch as quickly as possible by clicking over the hole with your pointer. The harder the difficulty, the more holes it will ask you to fill.

You have completed this task when you have tarred enough holes to fill the progress bar on the Hull Pitching icon.

Click to plug all of the leaks!