Room Makeover 13 March 2008

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Give Us a Room, You Get FREE Stuff!

Our HOST makeover a player's room and donate items to the player they get to keep.

See the results here, including BEFORE and AFTER pics and tips you can use to make better rooms.

This week:

Mini Pirates of the Caribbean!

Mini Pirate of the Caribbean

StrangeKhakiStory tried her hardest to build a ride room. After re-building the room again and again, she was just about to give up – that's when I entered her room. After making my own pirate rides for this month's Ride-A-Thon's, I was really excited to see someone else's version of the greatest attraction in all of New Orleans Square!

Before (Click to Enlarge)

BEFORE: It's a start, but this room will need more scurvy seadog-ness.

To make this room feel like Pirates of the Caribbean it will need a few touches that resemble the real ride. We started working on the layout of the ride track first, starting at the beginning of the ride and working our way towards the end. Lafitte's Landing is made out of brown Coffee Table Crates, Crow's Nest Barstools, and a few Pirate Maze Walls. A mini Blue Bayou is made out of a Pirate Map Table and blue Pirate Thrones, while the swampy atmosphere is added with a Swamp Tree.

We outlined the Falls with rushing water from Water Ride Teleporters and turned the corner into the Grotto with a Skeleton Chair leaning against a few Typhoon Lagoon Palm Trunks on top of a few PPR Small Islands topped with a Pirate Treasure Rug. In Shipwreck Cove we added a Galleon Bow and of course a Skeleton at the Helm. Now it's starting to feel like a Pirates ride!

During (Click to Enlarge)

TIP: Lay out your track the way you think it should go but feel free to change it to fit your building plan.

We continued by recreating the Captain's Quarters and Treasure Room with some scattered PPR Small Islands, Pirates Treasure Rugs, Treasure Chair, Skeleton Chair, Captain's Quarters Sofa, and a few accessories. Next came the Wicked Wench! The PPR Tiny Ship was just perfect for that! For a miniature fort, we used Pirate Maze Turrets with Skeleton Chairs for guards.

The Town Square is represented by the Well Chair and the skeletons on the opposite side are supposed to be the Auctioneer and redhead (see the red bandana? LOL!) Continuing on, Flaming Ransacked Windows on all sides make you feel like you're really going through the Flaming Ransacked Town. Dueling pirates with cannons sit in front of a Castle Suit Fireplace, which has been turned around to show the shields.

Finally the Treasure Room, where you can sometimes find Captain Jack Sparrow with a handful of loot! A few Pirate Maze Walls, stacked PPR Small Islands, a black Pirate Throne, and Pirate Treasure Small Rugs with golden Explorer Lanterns recreate this most recent addition to the actual attraction.

After (Click to Enlarge)

AFTER: Arrgh! One ride, one room!

Who knew we could fit so much into a single Guest room! (As a bonus, at the end of the ride, we added a teleporter that takes you right back to the beginning of the ride, so when you visit StrangeKhakiStory's Mini Pirates of the Caribbean, you can ride again and again and again!)

Ahoy mateys! See you next week!



Each week VMK's HOST_Bella selects a lucky player from the Kingdom (at random) for a Room Makeover! HOST_Bella then remakes the room – for free – using items that are donated to the players and they get to keep!

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