Prove Loyalty - The Black Pearl (July 2009)

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In this portion of the story quest we have met Joshamee Gibbs the First Mate of the Black Pearl. He wants you to prove your loyalty to pirates by eliminating some of the Navy. A pirate will get his first taste of sea battle in this portion of the quest, and get some more practice using their cutlass.

The following quest materials/tasks were implemented/verified on/around July 2009.
Prior materials/tasks required by this portion of the story quest can be reviewed here: Story Chapter: The Black Pearl (pre July 2009)

Prove Loyalty

: Demonstrate to Joshamee that you are trustworthy by giving trouble to the Navy.
  • Sink A Navy Ship

    : Sink a Navy Ferret ship.
    [ Where to find: High Seas ] [ Reward: 100 Notoriety Points ]

  • Defeat Navy Soldiers

    : Defeat 4 Navy Cadets in Wildwoods on Tortuga.
    [ Where to find: Island of Tortuga and the jungles within ] [ Reward: 100 Notoriety Points ]

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