Pre-Beta Test Track: Racetracks

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Starting a Race

Select A Track The sneak peek gives players an opportunity to race on 3 different race tracks. There is a training track, which allows you to race alone to work on your racing skills, then two race tracks, where you are pitted against three NPC racers.

To start racing, you will first need to go to your Garage and click the race button at the top of the screen. This will bring up the "Select A Track" screen, where you can pick between the training track or either race track. This screen also allows you to pick a difficulty should you decide to race on one of the two race tracks, however this option is not available for the training track. When you have picked the track you want to race on, click the "Race" or "Train" button.

How to Race

How to Race Racing on the game utilizes either the keyboard or the mouse, whichever you prefer to use. For the keyboard, you would use the Up arrow to accelerate, Down arrow to brake, and the left and right arrows to steer. When racing with the mouse, you hold the left mouse button to accelerate and release it to decelerate. To steer, simply move your pointer in the direction you want the car to turn. Your car will always drive towards your pointer.
On the two race tracks, you also have power ups you can use if you need to gain the upper hand in a race. The NITRO BOOST power up gives you a temporary boost of speed, and can be triggered with the "A" key. The other power up, OIL CAN, leaves an oil splatter that can send a car spinning if they hit it, and is triggered by the "S" key. Power Ups


Carburetor Country Training Track

  • Difficulty Levels - None
  • Race Codes Needed - 0
"Get the engine warmed up and ready to race on the training track!"

The Carburetor County Training Track is essentially what it says. This track is the only one out of the three that does not pit you against NPC racers, or have a difficulty selector on it. However, you can race to get the fastest time on the RSN Leaderboards on this track.

Carburetor County Training Track

Carburetor County Speedway

  • Difficulty Levels - Easy, Medium, Hard
  • Race Codes Needed - 0
"Test your skills on the hottest track in Carburetor County!"

Carburetor County Speedway is the easiest of the two race tracks that pit you against NPCs. This track also allows you to pick between three difficulty levels to race on. The difficulty level determines how well the NPC cars will race.

Carburetor County Speedway

Twistin' Tailfin Track

  • Difficulty Levels - Easy, Medium, Hard
  • Race Codes Needed - 1
"See if you can handle the sharpest turns in Tailfin Pass!"

Twistin' Tailfin Track is the only race track of the three that requires you to first enter a race code before racing on the track. This track can be considered the hardest of the three, because of the number of turns, as well as the sharpness of the curves.

Twistin' Tailfin Track

Racing Sports Network

Racing Sports Network The Racing Sports Network, or RSN, is the leaderboard system for the World of Cars Online Test Track. Accessed from the Garage, the leaderboard allows you to view your best time on each track - including each difficulty level - as well as the fastest times for the day. The overall list is refreshed once an hour.