Pre-Beta Test Track: Race Codes

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Race Codes can be found inside specially marked Cars toys from Mattel. These codes can be used to unlock special items for a Car that you create in the World of Cars Online.

Redeeming Race Codes

To enter your Race Code, click Redeem Code at the top of the sceeen.

This will bring up a window where you can enter your race code. As players redeem their race codes, they can earn special bonuses by entering enough codes to reaching specific Race Code levels. Currently players get the special bonus when they have entered 1, 3, 6, 9, 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 100, 125, or 154 Race Codes. In this window, players can see how many total Race Codes they have entered and how close they are to reaching the next level.

Redeem Race Codes Window (Click to Enlarge)

Race Codes

Sometimes secret codes can be used for more than one account. Below is a list of some of these codes. In addition to the collectible listed, the codes also earn players bonus items and car coins.

Code Collectible
1735-3057-5819-3130 Al Oft the Blimp (Largescale)
1202-6435-8166-6050 Andretti
8151-1226-6922-3690 Anime Chuki
2289-2565-3966-1430 Axle Acclerator
7523-8524-1771-1160 Barney
1231-2950-1799-1210 Bling-Bling Lightning McQueen
5853-7265-3976-0820 Bob Cutlass
8175-5751-3667-2700 Boost
8877-0035-8498-8410 Brand New Mater
3351-7873-9717-2300 Bug Mouth McQueen
1518-6621-3930-7700 Cactus McQueen
9148-1802-3890-2560 Charlie Checker the Official Pace Car
8966-6092-7310-5860 Chick Hicks
6493-8504-2302-3100 Chick Hicks Cab
5909-6841-0018-8310 Chick Hicks Hauler
7598-0968-3496-1320 Chick Hicks Launcher
3829-6103-4355-6850 Chuck Manifold
9144-5571-4030-1910 Cruisin' Lightning McQueen
1688-3460-5766-4600 Dale Earnhardt Jr.
8513-0754-3087-7500 Darrell Cartrip
6655-6901-2472-4060 Dexter Hoover
9924-7321-5237-2590 Dinoco Chick Hicks
9021-6819-3925-1720 Dinoco Chopper (Largescale)
5039-6459-7918-0930 Dinoco McQueen
1698-7387-2911-5570 Dinoco Pitty
9470-9451-8505-0360 Dirt Track Lightning McQueen
3540-7419-8147-2820 Doc Hudson
9158-6035-5878-2480 Dustin Mellows
New! 2866-7782-8058-6000 Easy Idle Launcher
1826-9791-8638-5870 Easy Idle Pitty
7468-0011-0209-7330 Edwin Kranks
New! 3530-5102-7609-0350 Fiber Fuel Launcher
4122-3016-9167-7420 Fillmore
New! MQ6G-VVLU-D9QL-M4J8 Frank
8798-2425-7083-2370 Gray
9205-8628-2433-9420 Gray the Dinoco Cab
4415-2307-5895-3830 Greta Bruchman
7855-1623-4114-7660 Hank Halloween Murphy
7808-9554-2353-3910 Impound Boost
3198-1706-7356-7800 Impound DJ
1311-3846-1828-2310 Impound Lightning McQueen
4005-0331-9595-0090 Impound Snot Rod
8239-3117-2769-5160 Impound Wingo
6862-6108-4070-4290 Jerry Recycled Batteries
7301-1761-7547-5120 Kathy Copter
9589-8024-3699-6250 Leak Less
4566-8320-2879-5030 Leak Less Hauler
New! 5389-2152-4584-2930 Leroy Traffik
6409-8493-5732-5580 Lightning McQueen
7598-9524-0096-3750 Lightning Storm McQueen
5722-8891-5095-8500 Mack
6454-1824-4600-2960 Marco The Jet
1651-9258-0409-3480 Mater the Tow Truck
8079-1368-2702-9280 McQueen Tar
3739-9602-6488-0210 McQueen Tires
5799-3352-7205-1390 Michael Schumacher
New! 5998-6153-1332-1350 Mood Spring Launcher
9739-6932-2443-0080 Night Vision Lightning McQueen
New! 5197-0492-3592-5070 Nitroade Launcher
6162-9976-0248-5120 Nitroade Pitty
9976-1299-2394-7150 Octane Gain Hauler
1244-9287-7023-2940 Octane Gain Pitty
1111-0783-1774-2790 Pit Crew Chief Fabulous Hudson
2827-5761-4459-8420 Pit Crew Filmore
5007-7503-2723-3220 Pit Crew Guido
1205-2651-0151-1030 Pit Crew Mack
6852-8577-3361-1010 Race Damaged King
9327-1174-4727-5660 Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen
8792-8056-8286-7760 Ramone Ghostlight
7891-6444-4059-1330 Ramone - Green
5260-3267-0401-0360 Ramone - Old School
4929-9302-9067-2920 Ramone - Yellow
6047-8871-4088-4990 RPM Crew Chief
1843-6304-8244-2670 Ron Hover
7209-2716-7078-4800 Sheriff
1057-7724-7715-7410 Shifty Drug Launcher
8159-2061-5149-6610 Snot Rod
6654-7781-2755-8520 Stacy: Yellow Pitty Leak Less
8998-3450-8216-0080 Strip Weathers: The King
1851-9096-5281-7990 Tank Coat Launcher
6835-8801-5520-9450 Tank Coat Pitty Jerry
7643-2102-7044-2060 Tex Dinoco
8480-1149-8386-0400 The Fabulous Hudson Hornet
9393-1090-0913-5510 Tom the Race Tow Truck
1024-4524-6744-9000 Tongue Lightning McQueen
7210-1031-1786-0850 Trunk Fresh Pitty
4532-8676-3094-3650 Tumble Weed Lightning McQueen
2522-6115-5284-9410 Vitoline Launcher
5165-3804-8209-6220 White Walls McQueen
8704-7651-2238-3830 Wingo
2606-6194-9589-8480 Yeti the Abominable Snowplow