Pre-Beta Test Track: Garage

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The garage is essentially your racing headquarters. From here you can go racing, check out the leaderboards and your collectibles, view information about your car such as the amount of coins and power-ups you have, and further tweak the design of your car.

Garage Layout

There are many different areas of the Garage that are designed for specific things. Each of these will be explained alone on their own.


Cars Garage Toolbar.png The top portion of the page consists of a Toolbar that links you to different areas of the sneak peek, each with it's own importance.

  • My Garage - Takes you back to your garage.
  • Race - Opens up the Select A Track pop-up.
  • Enter Race Codes - Opens up the Race Codes pop-up.
  • Game Trailer - Opens up a pop-up with a flash file of the Game Trailer.
  • Send Us Your Comments - Brings up an E-mail form where you can send The Pit Crew a comment or question. Comments and questions are limited to 500 characters.
  • Print Your Car - Allows you to print a photo of your car.
  • Help - Brings up a list of FAQ.
  • Sound Options - Allows you to edit the volume of the music, sound, and voice.
  • Logout - Logs you out of the Garage and returns you to the World of Cars homepage.

Racing HQ

Racing HQ The Racing HQ is in the upper left hand corner of the screen. This interface shows a license plate with your car's last name on it, as well as a drop down that allows you to open the Collectibles pop-up.

Racing Sports Network (RSN)

The Racing Sports Network can be accessed by clicking on the logo in the top right hand corner of the garage. Find full information on the Racing Sports Network. Racing Sports Network



The workbench allows you to change your car's name, number, and looks, as well as use a few select emotes and view your current car coins and power-ups.

Workbench Sidebar The box above the left side of the main workbench has numerous features on it, including the ability to change a few of the most important things about your car. The side area also shows the current number of car coins and allows you to use some emotes made for the sneak preview.

Change Number Moving from the top down, you are first shown you car's racing number. By clicking on it, you have the option to change the number, as well as it's style and color.
Change Name The next item shown is your car's name. By clicking on your name, you can change it to something else from the pre-approved list of names.
Cars Garage Workbench Sidebar Coins.png This shows the current number of car coins you have. Car coins can be received from entering race codes, or simply from racing.
Cars Garage Workbench Sidebar Emotes.png Lastly, you have three buttons each linked to certain emotes. The button to the left opens up a list of emotes including: Sad, Bored, Wink, Happy, Cross Eyes, and Surprised. The button in the middle honks your car's horn, and the button on the right revs your car's engine.

You also have the option to take a look at your car from all angles by using the set of arrows at the bottom of the side box.

Cars Garage Workbench View Right.png Rotates your car to the right.
Cars Garage Workbench View Top.png Gives you a top-down view of your car.
Cars Garage Workbench View Front.png Gives you a head-on view of your car.
Cars Garage Workbench View Left.png Rotates your car to the left