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Disney's Online Worlds fan forums' Policy Guidelines

Welcome to the fan forums of Disney's Online Worlds. We specialize in hosting fanforums and a wiki for Disney's MMOs. Please read these policy guidelines as they apply to all public and member-only areas of Disney's Online Worlds PG fan site(s) and wiki. To help you get started, we do have a welcome thread which shows the basics of forum navigation and how to post. Please read carefully as there is no valid reason for violating any policy with the excuse "I didn't know it was a policy" or "I didn't think that was the meaning of that rule." Ignorance of the rules is never acceptable. If you are questioning yourself on whether or not your actions are in violation of the site rules, then you should refrain from doing that action and ask an Administrator (Admin) or Moderator (Mod) before proceeding. Keep in mind that Administrators have final say about what happens on our sites and their decisions are final. Please report any problems or policy violations you see on the forums by using the report a bad post button located at the top right-hand corner of every post and PM.

All guidelines and policies apply to PiratesOnlineForums.com. All guidelines and policies apply to all forums, threads, posts, private messages, userpages, profiles, avatars and signatures.

Posting To Forums

Posting to forums enables you to communicate and collaborate with your friends and others that play or played Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Online. Examples of forums include anything listed in the Pirates of the Caribbean Online Forums section of this site. These online forums are similar to the classic definition of the word: forum -- A public place or medium for open discussions. You access forums by clicking on the forum link and by clicking on the title of the individual forum you want to view. For example, you can click on the News Ahoy! or Land Lubbers link to see a list of available discussions. Then, you can click on the title of discussion you wish to view.

Please post in the appropriate forum. Do not be upset if we move your post to a more appropriate forum. In the event you find your post "missing", please attempt to locate it in what might be a more appropriate forum by using the Search feature.

Each forum has a name and a brief description with them. This makes information easier for people to find if they have a similar question or are interested in the same things.

We reserve the right to move, remove, or close any post for any violations or reasons we deem necessary. (Disciplinary action will be taken on a case-by-case basis depending on the severity.)

Site Policies and Guidelines For PiratesOnlineForums.com


Any site in direct competition with our sites, containing obscene content, or those seeking for personal gain are not to be linked to or mentioned.

Back Seat Modding

A person may not act like or impersonate a moderator or an administrator of this forum unless they are one. Back seat modding includes but is not limited to: correcting another user or taking matters into your own hands by replying, PMing, or scolding another user. This behavior often ends in a flame war or makes the targeted user upset and therefore is not tolerated.

English Only

The moderators/administrators and other users must be able to read and comprehend your posts. To ensure this, we ask that everyone posts only in English. Disney games primarily use the English language and therefore set a common ground of communication. You may, however, write in other languages to your friends in PM or ask a specific question/answer for foreign language homework.


Deliberately attacking another user on the forums will not be tolerated for any reason. This includes, but is not limited to: race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. An attack is considered any word, phrase or image that casts any user in a negative light.

Hacking and Hacker Discussions

Any discussion of third party program usage or altering game files to change game play as it was not intended by Disney will be removed from our websites. Using third party programs or altering game files can result in your Disney account being suspended or terminated. Inherent bugs and/or glitches of games are allowed to be discussed.

Disney's FAQ:

Q: "How can I be sure to avoid being banned for hacking?

A: There are two kinds of activities that can result in your account being banned for hacking: altering/tampering with code and using third party software.

Altering code means manipulating Disney's programming (or telling other players how to do so), in order to change the way the program behaves. This can cause damage to the game and take our programmers away from projects that will make Toontown better for everyone.

Third party software is any program that interacts with Disney's Online games, and does not come from Disney. Do not run third party software programs from other players, websites, or forums. These programs include, but are not limited to: programs to prevent logout, engage in automatic gameplay, modify the results of gameplay, or circumvent Chat filters. These programs can impact the experience of other players in Disney's online games, and often pose a security threat to players who use them.

Highly Controversial Topics

Discussions designed to educate or explore a topic are permitted; however, ones designed simply to inflame or generate conflict will not be tolerated. Posts containing political subject matter (i.e., new governmental laws, candidates, etc.), promotion of religious beliefs, or other topics which can cause debates to go beyond a civil debate will be removed.

Inappropriate/Non PG-Rated Discussions

This site is family friendly. As such, nothing obscene will be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • harsh foul language/cursing (mild expressives are ok)
  • nudity and/or sex
  • extreme violence (mild and cartoon violence is acceptable)
  • drug use (or any other illegal substance)
  • modern weapons (guns, grenades, torpedoes, etc)
  • severe or life-threatening or death related illnesses
  • unmoderated chat rooms or instant messaging apps on user pages
  • and other topics not suitable for ages 13+

Users found in violation of this policy may receive an automatic ban depending on the severity of the infraction.

Multiple/Sharing Accounts

Members are allowed only one user account per person per household. Sharing an account with other family members and/or friends is strictly forbidden. You are responsible for anyone and everyone who uses your account and/or accesses other accounts from your computer. Stating that you share accounts with another user isn't allowed. This promotes others to do the same which isn't allowed on our sites or in-game by Disney.

In terms of guideline violations, moderators/administrators may track multiple shared accounts from single or multiple computers as one account. If a guideline violation is severe enough, it may become necessary to ban one or all of the user accounts on the same computer, depending on the severity of the infraction. Therefore, the actions of one person could easily directly impact all known accounts that access the sites from a single computer. Users who have been grounded from the site should not attempt to make another account. Users who do; risk an extension of the suspension or possibly being permanently banned from the forum.

NOTE: This does not apply to Admins/Moderators, as they often need multiple accounts to test technical issues that come up from various user levels and to do that properly it requires us to create "test" accounts.

Name Changes

One name change each year will be allowed per account. To request a name change, please PM an admin with your new name. Do not PM a mod as they can't help you with this request. If you have been suspended for a period of 7 days or more, you are no longer eligible to receive a name change. We will not allow any name changes that contain characters which cannot be typed on a conventional English keyboard. We no longer allow non-alphabetic or non-numerical characters to be included in usernames other than an underscore (_) due to the problems they may cause with certain aspects of our site's software and the hassle of having to copy/paste certain usernames that would contain them. The decision whether to allow the new name is based on the guidelines and the discretion of the Admin Staff.

Off-Topic/Nonsense Posts

If your post/thread does not make sense, hijacks, disrupts, is filled with gibberish or contributes nothing to the discussion, it will be removed. While we expect that some topics will stray a bit, if a series of posts completely takes over the discussion and/or disrupts the flow of conversation, those posts will either be removed, edited, or split into a separate thread.

Personal Information

This site has children present therefore asking for or volunteering personal information is not allowed.

Personal Info consists of:

  • Real Life Names (either first OR last are allowed - if not unique, never both)
  • Age
  • Gender (Stating which you are is okay. Asking another what they are, is not.)
  • Location (Saying which country, state, or province you live in is acceptable; but anything smaller, such as city, is not.)
  • Links to profile pages on social media or other sites
  • Password/Account Information
  • School Information (includes grade)
  • Posting personal pictures including yourself, family, other users, schools or homes

Personal Relationship Discussion

The forums are not to be used as a dating service. No one is to be asked if they are dating or married nor any reference to being "taken" or seeking. Within a story, users may use SOME personal relationship terms as seen in the Disney movies. It must remain appropriate for ages 13+ viewers.


Charging for services or taking advantage of another user is prohibited. Users may not ask for membership codes or for "gifts" in exchange for membership codes. Membership Codes can be given away, but not requested. This refers to membership codes, Disney Movie Reward codes, etc.

Signature Lengths

Users should be considerate of other users on the forums. Excessive signatures cause the flow of the threads to be disrupted. Therefore, 500 x 200 in pixel length and width is the maximum size of the TOTAL signature permitted (this includes graphics, text, spaces, smileys and tickers).

So the total dimensions of the signature should not exceed this size:
Sample Signature Size


"Spam" refers to posting identical, irrelevant, hard-to-read posts that make it difficult to comprehend what a user is attempting to state. Mass PMing people you do not know or who have not invited you to PM them, posting for the sole purpose of boosting your post count, excessive bumping of threads, one or two letter replies (i.e. ok, LOL, Yes, agreed, nods), caps/lowercase variances (I wAnT A sEcReT fRiEnD), poor color choices for their text versus the forum's skin color (such as white text on a yellow background), excessive punctuation (yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) or letter repetition in a word (Wooooooooooooooot!), and excessive use of smileys as posts are irritating and often hard to read so will be removed at the discretion of the mod staff. An original poster is allowed one bump per twenty-four (24) hours after the last post was created in their thread!


Trolling is trying to make someone or a group of people angry by forcing them to respond to you, either through wise-crackery, posting incorrect information, asking blatantly stupid questions, or other foolishness. This is done by unleashing one or more cynical or sarcastic remarks on an innocent by-stander and/or by baiting people to flame at you, stating false arguments, or putting the forum down and/or encouraging people to leave. Using a poll or post to claim that another user is better, smarter, cuter, or in any way a favorite is also trolling. Claiming copyright or trademark infringement without true possession of said documentation is another form of trolling. This type of behavior is not permitted on our sites.

However, any user replacing previously deleted/edited posts that have already been reviewed by a mod/admin is considered trolling the mod staff by not only ignoring our sites policy guidelines, but also the actions of that mod. This action will be cause for an automatic suspension. Please contact a mod first and use the appeal procedure below if you do not agree with an action taken.

Reputation System Misuse

The Reputation system allows our members to leave positive feedback comments about other user's posts, and thereby contribute to their overall 'reputation'. Common use is to show one's appreciation for someone posting a guide or being helpful with their answers to a thread. Rep comments are subject to all other site policies and will be enforced. If you obtain any reputation comments that violate any of our policies, contact a mod about this immediately.

Reputation Begging

The act of requesting reputation from other users is called reputation begging. Acts of requesting or bribing or having others feel sorry for them to obtain additional rep from people are prohibited.


  • Mod Shopping - When you have a concern you'd like to discuss privately, please only PM one moderator/administrator or post in the mod hotline forum. When messages are sent to many different moderators it is difficult to know if the questions have already been answered. The entire mod staff operates under the same rules and policies; therefore, attempting to solicit a more favorable answer is a waste of the staff's time. If you post in the mod hotline forum, the first mod that has free time will respond to your message. They will only PM you if they need to follow up with you concerning the matter of your message.
  • Typical Mod Contacts - First contact will be a reminder to look at the policies. Next will come a first warning, then a second warning. Then the suspensions begin: 3 - 5 days the first time, 5-7 days the next, two weeks, a month, etc. Each time a user is suspended from the site it will be for a longer period until they are permanently banned from the sites. The mod is not limited to these guidelines if the infraction is severe enough. Please check the edit reasons as a mod will often 'fix' a post and take no further action if the problem is very minor.
  • Search Feature - Many common questions can be answered by searching for similar posts. Answering the same questions over and over, or merging multiple threads of the same topic, is time-consuming for our volunteer staff and could be solved by simply checking to see if the topic exists before posting. Please look at the thread "How to use the search button" for more information.
  • Moderation Queue - Posts/threads/pictures subject to approval are reviewed often throughout the day. Please be patient while waiting for your post to appear. Badgering the mod staff to get your post approved will not help it get approved any faster than it would have otherwise.
  • Donations - We greatly appreciate the support our users voluntarily wish to give us for providing a great fan site for Disney games we all enjoy. Donations and Subscriptions to the site are just that -- a donation, it is not a payment. We have provided users with extra features/subscriptions for donating as a courtesy and a "thank you for supporting" but other than that it is a donation. We do not provide refunds on donations. If a user decides not to use the features/subscriptions or decides to quit the site or violates the policies of the site and loses their account, it has nothing to do with their donation.
  • Reporting - Please report any problems or policy violations you see on the forums by using the report a bad post button located at the top right-hand corner of every post and PM.
  • We do not let donations or seniority dictate to or influence us on the decisions that are made in keeping this site fun and safe for all of our members.

Our Staff

Moderators and Administrators of these sites monitor your compliance with the rules of the site and dispense disciplinary action at their discretion. Disciplinary decisions may be appealed through the Appeal Procedure. All appeals should be kept within PM's and/or e-mail correspondence and should not be publicly posted or sent via friend. If you have concerns regarding an incident, please feel free to discuss the matter with the mod or admin via e-mail or PM. Do not create a new topic simply for the purposes of questioning a moderator's decision. In addition, user infractions and disciplinary actions will only be discussed with the individual account holder and no other person(s). If you have an issue with actions taken or displayed by a Moderator please report it to an Administrator. If you have an issue with an Administrator please report it to Batleth. If you have an issue with Batleth, please contact Nick.

Official Disney Game Contact Information

If you have questions about your Disney Account or have technical questions about the Disney game here is the contact information:

POTCO Website: https://disney.go.com/pirates/online/index.html

POTCO Tech Support #: (877) 427-7744

POTCO Customer Support E-mail Address: [email protected]

POTCO Live Chat is available from 1:00 PM - 10:00 PM ET, Monday through Friday, and 9:00 AM - 10:00 PM ET, Saturday and Sunday and can be accessed here: https://piratesonlinesupport.web.stream.com/index.cfm?SVC=455

Live Chat/IRC Policies & Rules

Privacy Policy

Site Disclaimer

PiratesOnlineForums.com is not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or any other damages arising out of or in connection with the use of these websites or in reliance on the information available on the sites. This includes any personal injury, business interruption, loss of use, lost data, lost profits, or any other pecuniary loss, whether in an action of contract, negligence, or other tortuous action, even if PiratesOnlineForums.com has been informed of the possibility.

We reserve the right to add/delete or modify any and all policies for this site at any time we deem necessary.

Disney's Online Worlds collective of sites are privately owned and operated. We have no affiliation with Disney or its other holdings.