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Accessing Player Cards

You can access your own player card by clicking on either the Edit Player button on the toolbar or your penguin.

Edit Player

To view other player's player cards you can either click on their penguin or if you are friends select them from your friends list.

Your Player Card

Viewing your own player card allows you to see how many coins you currently have any how many stamps you have collected.

Your penguin's Player Card allows you to customize your penguin in many different ways.

Customizing your Penguin

The main feature of your player card is the ability to customize your penguin's appearance.

You can customize your penguin in several different ways.


Clothing is arranged into 6 different categories on your player card.

These categories are Head Items, Face Items, Neck Items, Body Items, Hand Items and Feet Items.


Item Cost Photo Location Released Retired Notes
Aqua C20 Aqua Penguin Style Catalog

Arctic White C20 Arctic White Penguin Style Catalog

Black C20 Black Penguin Style Catalog

Blue C20 Blue Penguin Style Catalog

Brown C20 Brown Penguin Style Catalog

Dark Green C20 Dark Green Penguin Style Catalog

Dark Purple C20 Dark Purple Penguin Style Catalog

Green C20 Green Penguin Style Catalog

Light Blue C20 Light Blue Penguin Style Catalog

Lime Green C20 Lime Green Penguin Style Catalog

Orange C20 Orange Penguin Style Catalog

Peach C20 Peach Penguin Style Catalog

Pink C20 Pink Penguin Style Catalog

Red C20 Red Penguin Style Catalog

Yellow C20 Yellow Penguin Style Catalog

Other Items


Either a pin or a flag may be chosen to be displayed in the top left corner underneath your penguin name.


Other Penguin's Player Cards

Buttons: Add/Remove Friend, Find Friend (online friends only), Visit Igloo (friends only), Send Mail, Stamp Book, Ignore Player (non-friends only) and Report Player