Pirates of the Caribbean Pinball

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What is Pirates of the Caribbean Pinball?

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  • Pirates of the Caribbean Pinball is an action-packed adventure set on the high seas. Board this cursed ship, launch your cannonball, and enjoy tons of swashbuckling fun.

  • 3 Cursed Game Boards
  • Exciting Cannonball Mini-Game
  • Multiple Pinball Action and Bonus Points
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  • You can download the game here.

How to Play


  • For controls, please click the third thumbnail from the top. For tips & tricks, click the bottom thumbnail.

  • If you can't view the controls thumbnail, the down arrow key is the plunger (Ball launcher), the control (ctrl) buttons are the flippers (left and right arrow keys can also be used for the flippers), the shift keys are to tilt the board if your ball gets stuck (you can also press the space bar to bump the table), enter starts the game, and escape (esc) is for Help, Pause, and Quit.

  • Use either the control (ctrl) buttons or arrow keys to use the flippers on either side. Press the spacebar to bump the board, but careful not to do it too much... Hold down the down arrow key and release to fire your ball!

Game Play

My Ball Got Stuck

  • That's okay. In fact, it's very good! If it goes in, hit the leaver next to the fuse, and then the fuse between the leaver and the cannon. If you do that, then the cannon will fire your ball, and you can hae two balls on the board at once!

  • To make letters light up, you need to fire balls into the openings on the deck.

  • If your ball goes up the stairs, then you've got the chance to score big points! You'll notice that you're given two flippers up there, which you can use to bounce you ball back and forth, to scare away the birds. If all the birds have been scared off, the barrels will turn gold and give you bonus points when hit!

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  • You'll notice that when you press the arrow keys, the little pirate cutouts that are in the passageways the balls come out of move in that direction. You need to use this to make it so that when you fire a new ball, it falls down a passageway and hits a pirate cutout, because if you get them all, you'll be given a new ball if you lose your current one!

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  • If you see a picture of Skull Rock on your map, then send your ball to the cannon area! You'll then play a mini-game to win extra points! To play, move your mouse to aim, and click to fire! Hit a ship three times to sink it.

  • Be careful not to send your ball off the plank! If it falls off, there's no getting it back!

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