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Test Server
Test Invitation: Try out new game content before it's released

About Test Server

Test Insignia

Want to see the latest updates coming to Pirates of the Caribbean Online before they're released to the general public? Then join us on the Test Server and preview upcoming game features, bug fixes, and new content.

If you already have access to the Test Servers, you do not need to sign up again. Just use your current account information to log in. If you would like to have access, click here to sign up.We are currently looking for Pirates eager to make a difference.

In appreciation of our Unlimited Access Members we're now accepting sign ups for the Test Server for ALL Pirates with Unlimited Access! Want to see the latest changes to the game before they're released to the general public? Then join us on the Test Server! The Test Server is where we test new content, game updates and other improvements. Sign up now for access to the Test Server.

POTCO Bullet Players must have Unlimited Access accounts in good standing with no previous violations. See guidelines for more details.

How to Qualify for Test Server Access

Redskullbullet.png Be an Unlimited Access Member with an account in good standing.

Redskullbullet.png Have no violations, bans, or holds on your account. Any previous violation of the Terms of Use or the Pirates Online Member Agreement automatically prohibits you from Test Server access.

Redskullbullet.png Have a current e-mail address on file with Pirates Online. Invitations are sent via e-mail if you meet these qualifications. To verify or update your account information, go to the Account Manager.

Sign Up Now

Game Tip Game Tip: Cancelling your Unlimited Access Membership will terminate your Test Server access.

Test Server Website


Welcome to the Test Server. This is where we test new games features and updates before releasing them to the rest of our players. If you're one of our official Testers, click the PLAY button to test launching the game from the web!

As with all updates, there may be bugs or issues. If you see any problems, report them to us. Please remember to include very detailed steps on how to reproduce the issue you experienced including where you were, screenshots of the issue and what settings you were running in. This information can prove vital to our developers in solving the problems you report. We are working quickly to fix these issues.