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Current projects for the POTCO side.

Here are some projects currently in the works for our POTCO guide. We encourage editors to help us get these projects completed so we can start new projects and make our guides as complete as possible. There is always editing to be done! Editors are welcome to add proposed projects to this page and ideas/suggestions are always appreciated.

If you are not an editor but would like to help contribute to our guides, please visit the Disney Online Worlds forum on POF. Also, be sure to post any mistakes found in our The Wiki Needs An Edit (Non-Editor Suggestions) thread on POF.

Please contact Mommy 2 Jules or Jack I with any project specific questions you may have.


Many photos are needed inside POTCO including:

  • Non Playing Characters (NPC) - the red links are the ones we do not have at the moment.
    • We are now currently only needing NPCs that are no longer in the game, or have moved to a different location that we are not yet aware of. The links are located at the bottom of the page, here.
  • Quest pictures - click here, for an example of the type of quest pics we need (better if they are the entire quest, unless otherwise noted).

Game Insider

We are trying to get all of the Game Insider articles, there are currently 20 Game Insiders, and the first 13 are done.


We are currently trying to find the best way to set up the island pages. If you have any idea, please post it on any of the wiki forum's "The wiki needs an edit (non-editor suggestions)" thread. We do have some ideas, and we need the following:

  • A list of enemies in each island and enemies in each cave/beach/forest.
  • A list of NPCs in each island and NPCs in each cave/beach/forest (if there is any).

Animations of Enemies

We are also trying to get animations of all the enemies, while they are alone, while they are attacking, and when they are dieing (all different animations). This is not needed right away, but if you have time, and are not able to help in the other things needed at the moment, feel free to get some animations for DOW :).