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PO Quests

Quest Journal (Hot Key – J)

Quest Icon

Becoming truly notorious requires a Pirate to do daring deeds. Many of these deeds will take the form of Quests -- tasks you undertake to advance your skills and achieve your goals. You can work on several Quests at once, and your Quest Journal will keep track of each of them for you. Click on it to review your instructions and check your progress.

Quest Panel

Some Quests are optional and can be dropped at any time. To drop an optional Quest, click on that Quest in your Quest Journal and then click Drop .

To find where you need to go, select the quest you need and click the Track button. You'll be able to view the progree of your task in the upper-right portion of your screen. Also you can look for a ray of light from the sky that will direct you toward people you need to meet.

You can get to the quest journal panel by pressing going to the Treasure Chest and clicking the quests journal icon or pressing 'J' on the keyboard.

Starting & Getting Quests

Quests are obtained in a couple of ways. Some quests enter your journal automatically when your pirate reaches a certain level in notoriety or skill. Some quests are stared by talking to an NPC. An icon, shown below, will be over any NPC's that give out quests. Press Shift to talk to them and you will see an option in the menu called Quest. Select that option and you will see what quests you can do for that NPC.