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Current projects for the Pixie Hollow side.

Here are some projects currently in the works for our Pixie Hollow guide. We encourage editors to help us get these projects completed so we can start new projects and make our guides as complete as possible. There is always editing to be done! Editors are welcome to add proposed projects to this page and ideas/suggestions are always appreciated.

If you are not an editor but would like to help contribute to our guides, please visit the Disney Online Worlds forum on PHF. Also, be sure to post any mistakes found in our The Wiki Needs An Edit (Non-Editor Suggestions) thread on PHF.

Please contact UpInTheAir with any project specific questions you may have.

Furniture and Wardrobe Images

Added Monday, June 9 at 3:13 AM

One thing we really need to do right now is finish the Furniture and Wardrobe sections of the section. We have images up for the Water Fairies, but it has come to our attention that the clothing and furniture for each talent is different. Below is ways for everyone to help out.

If you're not an editor at DOW, and would like to help us out, check out the threads below, and post in the appropriate thread according to your fairies talent. (Currently Light and Garden fairies have been completed, now the only thing we need is Animal Fairy Pictures. ^^)
The wiki needs pics! (Animal Fairies)

Editors There's nothing much different that I'll need your help for this current task. You can help get pictures by following the link above that matches your fairy (if you have one), or check the Pixie Hollow section for any incomplete sections and help to fill them in.