Newsletter 5 February 2007

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This week details on how you could WIN A PARTY IN CLUB 33! Plus, February Fun Days and Quest updates. VMK news starts right now!

Yavn Speaks! Yavn Speaks!


February Fun Days

I don't know about you, but I like warm weather and since Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow it looks like we're in for an early spring! (Yes!) Until spring arrives though, VMK has something we think will warm you up - February Fun Days!

What are February Fun Days? Glad you asked. Starting Tuesday the 6th VMK will be increasing the Credits you can win from The Haunted Mansion and Castle Fireworks Remix games. Just play the games as you usually do, but on Tuesdays and Thursdays you'll win extra Credits for playing! These 'Fun Days' are every Tuesday and Thursday through February! Just remember that the increased Credits are only for these games and only for the dates listed below:

Haunted Mansion Fun Days February 6, 13, 20, 27

Fireworks Fun Days February 8, 15, 22

Win a Party at Club 33!

There's a new reason to build a great Guest Room - besides the recognition you'll get from your VMK pals - starting this week VMK will be giving away party time in Club 33 to the winner of the Best Guest Room!

Here's how it works: Each weekly Best Guest Room winner will get use of Club 33 for one hour, along with 33 Tickets and a helpful staff member to help you throw an awesome Club 33 Party. So get building those Guest Rooms - and if you're not into building Guest Rooms, don't worry, we'll be announcing other cool ways to win a Club 33 Party very soon.

Club 33

Grab some balloons and streamers - it's party time!

Quest News

Animated Questing

In case you missed it, last week we launched the new Disney Animation Quest at both Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom. This in-Park Quest gives you a chance to show off your knowledge of Disney Animated features and win a VMK Zoetrope. So get Questing!

Disneyland Fantasyland Quest – RIP

Speaking of Quests I'd like to have a moment of silence to remember our old friend the Fantasyland Quest. The Fantasyland Quest was born June 1, 2005 and ran strong at both Parks (although it went through a small revision when the Level 3 reward was changed from a Castle Pin to a Fantasyland Pin) for almost two years. This Quest provided many hours of Fantasyland fun - we hope you were one of the many, many Guests that had the opportunity to enjoy the Quest - but we must now say goodbye to our 'Purple Pal.'

Fantasyland Quest

We'll miss you Fantasyland Quest!

Now don't go getting all teary-eyed on me, we have some awesome New Quests coming your way very soon - I'll give you the 411 on them in a future Newsletter - in the meantime, enjoy the new Animated Quest as well as the Pirates of the Caribbean, Frontierland, Tomorrowland and High School Musical Quests.

Gentlemen (and Ladies) Start Your Engines!

February is not just a month for groundhogs, presidents and heart-shaped candies, it's also the start of the racing season. What does that mean for you? Well how about the start of the VMK Racing Season - with a series of races starting Sunday February 18th. Host Sparky has created a brand new Racing Game where you can win this awesome VMK Racing '07 pin. If you can't make that date, check the Community Calendar for more race times around the corner.

VMK Racing '07 pin

Get your Pin collection racing with this snazzy addition!

Well that about wraps things up for this week, I should mention that I and the VMK team were planning to be in Walt Disney World this week but we had to reschedule the trip because VMK HQ is moving to a new home (sorry the new location is top secret and I can't give any details)! That's right, with all the activity going on in VMK we needed more space! But trust me, it's a cool new place and we're all excited about the new home. OK now back to the packing... hey Caffdawg, do you have an extra box? You know I have to take my Chicken Hat! ;-)

See you in VMK, Yavn

Event Info Event Info

January 31st - Disney Animation Quest launches

February 6th, 8th, 13th, 15th, 20th, 22nd, 27th - February Fun Days

February 18th - VMK Racing Days begin

January 31st - VMK Disney Animation Quest Launches in-Park

Test your Disney film trivia knowledge with this new in-Park Quest! Available for play at both Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom and Disneyland starting the first week of February, the VMK Disney Animation Quest features questions about your favorite Disney Animated films.

February Fun Days

Starting Tuesday the 6th VMK will be increasing the Credits you can win from The Haunted Mansion and Castle Fireworks Remix games. Just play the games as you usually do, but on Tuesdays and Thursdays you'll win extra Credits for playing! These 'Fun Days' are every Tuesday and Thursday through February! Just remember that the increased Credits are only for these games and only for the dates listed below:

Haunted Mansion Fun Days February 6, 13, 20, 27

Fireworks Fun Days February 8, 15, 22

VMK Racing Days!

Strap on your helmet and kick those tires, it's the start of the race season and VMK is going to get your motor running! Join HOST_Sparky on select Saturdays and Sundays during the racing season for special VMK racing events! These special racing games like Chase Race and Race to the Finish will take place during the same time as a real auto race, the first one starting Sunday February 18th - so you can watch the big race and race in VMK at the same time! And only on VMK Racing Days can you win the VMK Racing '07 Pin. Keep an eye on the Event Info box and the Community Calendar for more updates and a schedule of race events.

Check the Community Calendar for more events, details and event times.

Tips Tips

Tips, Tricks Hints and How To's

From 2 February 2007

Has the Quest Machine ate your stuff?

Do you store items in your Quest Kiosk? If so, make you sure you do not store items past row 128. Even though the Quest Kiosk allows you to keep adding more items, these items will not be saved in any rows higher than 128. Remember, your Quest Kiosk in not meant to be a locker for your stuff.

Getting bad service at the Blue Bayou?

Is the Gaitor Waiter ignoring you, or not serving your food when you request it? Maybe you aren't using the correct keyword. Want to know what it is? Keep your eyes on the VMK homepage and Newsletter for hints.

Where's the Exit?

Some rooms have secret exits. Click around in each VMK room and watch for when the green ‘walking icon’ turns into an exit sign – they aren't easy to find, but if you do find one, you could end up somewhere in the Kingdom you've never been before!

VMK Tickets and VMK Pass

VMK Tickets are special Single-Use Pins that allow players to enter 'Ticket Only' selected rooms. Room creators can now choose the players they want to enter their event.Tickets can be used once to enter, after they are used, they disappear from your inventory completely. Tickets also have an expiration date, after which they'll disappear even if they have not been used.

Dear Yeti Dear Yeti


You've Got Questions, Yeti Has Answers

My best friend and I love Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress – we visit it every time we go to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. I was wondering if you had any background on this great attraction? Keep it cool!

– Greencoolcat

Dear Greencoolcat,

Keep it cool? You betcha, but with all this global warming I may have to shed a few layers of fur, but thanks for writing! Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress is one of my most favorites too and it's one of Disney's longest-running attractions!

The attraction (as the narrator on it points out), "was Walt's own idea from beginning to end." Originally called The General Electric Carousel of Progress, the attraction first appeared at the 1964-65 New York World's Fair and was relocated to Tomorrowland in Disneyland during 1967.

When the show was created, General Electric's motto at the time, "There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow," was turned into the attractions theme song by the The Sherman Brothers (the same musical duo responsible for Mary Poppins, Jungle Book and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang). It's a Disney classic!

Walt and the Sherman Brothers

Walt Disney and the Sherman Brothers from the Walt Disney Treasures Tomorrowland DVD: Disney in Space and Beyond.

If you've visited ever visited VMK Central at Disneyland's Tomorrowland you may have noticed the big round building behind VMK Central - Innoventions - it used to be the home to the Carousel. The attraction moved to Walt Disney World in 1973 and the theme was changed to reflect General Electric's new philosophy, "The Best Time of Your Life." When General Electric's sponsorship ended in 1985, the theme song reverted back to the original Sherman Brothers theme song.

The Carousel of Progress

The Carousel of Progress depicts an American family and their lifestyle changes over several decades as technology and the times influence a country's progress.

The Carousel re-opened at Walt Disney World on January 15, 1975 and was renamed Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress in 1994. In addition to a new theme song, sung by Nathan Lane, other changes were made to the attraction, including new narration. (Be sure to listen for the voice of the grandfather in the last scene, it's provided by Rex Allen Jr., he also provided the voice of the narrator for the original attraction.)

The Carousel of Progress

Alright then, how's that for a little background? Until next time... "There's a great big beautiful tomorrow shining at the end of every day! There's a great big beautiful tomorrow and tomorrow is just a day away! Man has a dream and that's the start, he follows his dream with mind and heart, and when it becomes a reality, it's a dream come true for you and me! So there's a great big beautiful tomorrow..."

Do you have a question for me?

Send it to me through the Contact Us section at the bottom of this page. Be sure to have your VMK registration info with you (the email and information you registered with) and select "Dear Yeti" from the drop down menu. Every other week I'll answer a question or two here in the Newsletter

Push's Trash Trivia Push's Trash Trivia


In the Haunted Mansion, who provides the voice for the ride's narration?

Know the answer? Send your answer using Contact Us at the bottom of this or the main VMK webpage. Be sure to have your VMK registration info with you and select Push's Trash Trivia from the drop down menu.

Out of all the correct answers, three players will be randomly drawn as the winners and sent a cool prize. But hurry! Only entries submitted by the close of game on Friday will be accepted.

Last week Push's Trivia asked:

"Where in the Park?" is this location:

Where in the Park?

Answer: The Penny Arcade on Main Street U.S.A. in Disneyland.

The Penny Arcade

Did you know: Walt Disney was facinated by mechanical objects and the Penny Arcade features many anitique mechanical toys selected by Walt for the location – including a hand-cranked animation-viewer that allows you to watch an old movie (it works like a flip book), while an automated music-making machine (simliar to a modern day jukebox) plays carnival-like turn of the century tunes. Modeled after an old entertainment parlor, the Penny Arcade was an original Disneyland attraction, opening on Main Street U.S.A. in 1955.

Inspired by Walt Disney's hometown of Marceline, Missouri, circa the early 1900's, Main Street, U.S.A. transports you back in time with old fashioned shops and restaurants. Be sure to check out the names in some of the Main Street windows – these were some of the people who were responsible for the development and operation of Disneyland. For example, legendary Imagineer, Marc Davis, is honored in a window next to the Main Street Cinema.

Congratulations to the 3 lucky (and randomly picked) players that sent in the correct answer for last week's question!




Your prize is on its way!

Top Players Top Players

What makes a Guest Room award-worthy?

Guest or Game Rooms that stand out show originality in concept and design. It could be a use of conventional furniture in unconventional ways, the use of a theme or color, or humor. Game rooms that get the nod offer a new game idea or a new twist on an old favorite. In all rooms we look for room owners who welcome everyone with a smile and show a willingness to answer questions about their room.

Patato's Best Guest Room

Patoto wins top honors this week in the Best Guest Room category.

Game rooms that get the nod offer a new game idea or a new twist on an old favorite. In all rooms we look for room owners who welcome everyone with a smile and show a willingness to answer questions about their room.

Check out this week's Best Guest Rooms and Best Game Rooms.

Best Guest Rooms

Bgr award.jpg

Click to enlarge
Ever wondered what the perfect day would be like? Then head over to patoto's room The Perfect Day. Everyone has a great time in this room – dancing, chatting, or just hanging out. Relax with patoto and have a perfect day!

Best Game Rooms

Bg award.jpg

Click to enlarge
Watch out or the furniture will get you! In Musicrocks's game room, Future Rocks, you better be quick or you might get trapped! This game is similar to musical chairs, and a lot of fun – check it out.

Best Player Quests

Bq award.jpg

Click to enlarge
How much do you know about VMK? CL_LittleDragonErin takes us back in time with Chain of Memories Quest. Test your knowledge of VMK and win some cool prizes while you're at it!

Players who have been previously recognized for their design talents will receive the VIP award.

VMK Cards VMK Cards

The first card from Series 3 is here!

Get the Animation Viewer by playing the Animation Quest at Disneyland or Walt Disney World – redeem the code on your card for this cool virtual prize.

Animation Viewer

Check out the VMK Rewards Card Checklist and make sure you have all the VMK bling! What cards do you have in your collection?

Scam Alert Scam Alert

From 2 February 2007

Is that who I think it is?

Impersonation is not allowed in VMK. If a player says they are staff, make sure they're wearing the orange Mickey Pin and wearing either red (for staff and hosts) or blue (for QA/testers) ears. Remember � a staff member would never ask you to trade any items.

VMK Email Scam

If you get an email from anyone claiming to be from VMK Player Support asking for your VMK user information, such as your character name, password, birthday, etc., DO NOT REPLY to the email. This is a scam to get your login info.

VMK will NEVER send unsolicited email asking for your password or user information.

The only time you would get an email from VMK regarding this information is if you are having a login problem and have already sent us an email requesting help with this problem through the 'Contact Us' link on the website.

Any email from VMK will include your original email in the reply.

Remember your login and password information should never be shared with anyone.

Do you have a friend in VMK you trust?

Even if you think you can really trust another player in VMK, it's not a good idea to loan people your items – since some people won't give them back!

If someone asks you to borrow one of your items – just say no. Because if you decide to trade an item and it isn't given back, we can't help you recover it. Why? Because you knowingly entered into the trade – remember you're responsible for your character's actions in the game, no matter what.

Safety Corner Safety Corner

From 2 February 2007

Don't get banned for bad behavior.

Resist the urge to use bad language in VMK – it's not allowed.

Using inappropriate words in the game will get you banned. Also, misusing words in the dictionary (example: putting two acceptable words together to make one that isn't acceptable) can also get you banned.

Keep your information private!

Never, under any circumstances give your VMK user name and password to any other player or post it on a forum on another website. Some surveys have been going around on the internet claiming they have free offers if you give out your VMK information – this is a SCAM!

Never give your information to these surveys or anyone else, and always keep your password private. VMK will never ask you for your information unless you contact us about a problem with your account. Keep your VMK, and all the great items you've earned, safe!

Quests Quests

In-Park Quests! Going to Disneyland® Park or Magic Kingdom® Park? Play the in-Park Quests! Learn more here.

High School Musical Quest! Watch the movie, visit the Parks and answer all the questions to win cool stuff!

Get the Thrill Seekers Quest for the Walt Disney World® Resort here!

The Tomorrowland Quest is still available: Download it here.

Contact Us Tips Contact Us Tips

Problems? Contact Us!

When you use Contact Us to ask a question or report an issue, please be aware of the following:

If you use AOL or EarthLink for e-mail, you won't receive our response, as AOL e-mail filters block our replies. Please provide an alternative e-mail in the Contact Us form where it asks for your e-mail address.

Some Spam Filters will automatically block e-mail from an unknown source unless you tell the program to allow it: To get email from VMK, allow mail from [email protected]. (Please note this email address does not receive e-mail except via the Contact Us form.)