Newsletter 2 February 2006

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Capture the Yeti Quest

We've received word that our Yeti plans to wander off this weekend and hide in VMK, leaving a look-alike in his place. It's up to you to find him in the Capture the Yeti Quest.

Starting this Friday (February 3), some of the other NPCs will have clues for you. Gather all the clues and decode their meaning. When you're sure you know where the Yeti is hiding, go to the Contact Us page and use the Find the Yeti option to send in your guess. The clues will change throughout the weekend, and we only accept one entry per Player so don't guess too early. All correct answers win a special prize (one per Player).

If you are under the age of 13 please remember to have a Parent send it in for you (Parents, please be sure to provide the name of your child's character in VMK.)

VMK Profiles

Each week we interview a different member of the VMK Staff. Pay attention - the answers may prove useful in VMK-hosted trivia games! Mod name: VMK_Babs

Do Players have a "nickname" for you?
Most call me Babs, VMK, or Staff; just don't call me late for dessert.

Three favorite pieces of furniture, and why?
I adore the Parrot Palm Trees for adding atmosphere to a room, the Aladdin Flying Carpet Chairs in every color, and the Karo Tiki Chairs. They make my Day At The Beach room such a pleasant hangout. Favorite type of Guest Room?
My favorite is the Tiki Tiki Tiki room for its serene feeling (well, as serene as it can be with a smouldering volcano in the distance!) but the Briar Patch room is a close second.

Best VMK moment?
There is no such thing as a bad day in VMK, but my favorite times are the large events. We get the chance to meet Players we might never otherwise get to know. Favorite place to hang out in VMK?
The Jungle Cruise Dock has pleasant memories for me; stand there and chat for awhile, you never know who will wander thru.

If you could wear a different outfit, what would it would be?
The Expedition Everest outfit looks very toasty, I'd love to wrap myself in that coat!

What one safety tip would you like to share with our readers?
Never never ever give out your personal information to anyone in VMK.