Newsletter 27 January 2006

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Febuary Is Everest Month!!

Are you ready for the excitement? Expedition: Everest is coming this month to Disney's Animal Kingdom but you can prepare for your trip by joining us for some special events. See below for the details, and mark your calendar.

Maze Was a Monster Success!

The VMK Monster Maze was a smash! Over 4,000 Players had an eye-popping time in the Monster Maze. A special thank you to the many Community Leaders who helped Players find their way.

Capture the Yeti Quest

Where in the virtual world is our Yeti? It will be up to you to find him in the Capture The Yeti Quest. Starting Friday February 3, look to the other NPCs for clues. The Yeti will be tough to track down, even with those big feet. Look for the clues to change often as we zero in on his location. On Sunday February 5 we'll give you a place to send in your guess. Correct answers win a special prize (one per Player).

Everest Ride Competition

The Everest Ride Competition is coming to VMK. This will be a team-based room competition where Players form an Expedition Party and build their version of the ride featured at

Each team is to have one Expedition Leader, whose role is to coordinate the team and register the team for the expedition.

Here are the rules:

  • Each Expedition Party is to consist of no less than 6 and no more than 20 members
  • The ride may not exceed 30 rooms in length
  • Players may only be on one Expedition Party
  • Each member of the Expedition Party must contribute at least one room to the ride
  • The Expedition Leader must be the owner of the Base Camp room, where the team's ride begins

Choose a name for your Expedition Party. Choose carefully, it must be allowable in VMK and must fit into the room name, preceded by Base Camp (example: Base Camp Dumbo). No "dictionary dances" are permitted in any Expedition Party room names (example: Base Camp Dumbo To is not allowed).

Registration will be open Monday February 6 through Sunday February 12. The Expedition Leader will provide the names of all Expedition Party members as well as the names of all rooms in the Expedition Party's ride. Late entries will not be accepted.

Once a team's registration has been submitted no changes may be made to team name or team membership. Only registered teams will be judged.

Judging will take place between the following times:
Friday February 24, 2:30 - 8:30pm Pacific
Saturday February 25, 8:30am -7:30pm Pacific
Sunday February 26, 8:30am - 7:30pm Pacific
The ride must be open to all Players during judging hours. At least one member of the Expedition Party must be present in Base Camp or the ride cannot be judged; it is up to the Expedition Leader to coordinate coverage of the team's Base Camp. All VMK Values will be strictly enforced.

Begin now to plan your assault on Everest!

VMK Profiles

Each week we interview a different member of the VMK Staff. Pay attention - the answers may prove useful in VMK-hosted trivia games!

Mod name: VMK_Flamingo

Do Players have a "nickname" for you?
I'm often called Miss Flamingo Three favorite pieces of furniture, and why?
Wow, a difficult question. I'm very excited to have pink and yellow glass slippers now to complete my collection for my Flamingo's Glass Slipper Room. But, for overall use I very much like the Tiki Fountain, the water coolers (I have a LOT of these) and my sweet hippo rugs.

Favorite type of Guest Room?
I like rooms with themes. The wonderful Christmas rooms, game rooms and especially well-decorated rooms all much appeal to me.

Best VMK moment?
The day my sweet Mac became able to get into the game! I don't think there has been a day since that I haven't spent a bit of time playing in VMK.

Favorite place to hang out in VMK?
I like walking in the clouds, watching the elephants, admiring the flamingos and watching for Donald to pass the window.

If you could wear a different outfit, what would it would be?
I enjoyed being able to wear different hats. The Seagull (mine was named OceanRider) was a special favorite. What one safety tip would you like to share with our readers?
Players who are rude, bad-mannered, who cut in line and who are just plain mean are best erased from your memory bank by putting them on ignore. That way the Call for Help button is more available for someone with a true emergency.

Best Guest Rooms

goldie shows off her River Ride expertise in Space Ghost Coast to Coast. A clever use of all available space, twisting turns, elevation changes and a welcoming room owner make this room an instant hit with all visitors.

DisVaClub gets an early start on Valentine's Day in Sweet Heart Room. The colors are vibrant and a subtle use of tables adds dimension to the over all design of the room.

Best Game Rooms

CL_Nedakh combines traditional board game elements with teleporters in Pirates of VMK Board Game!. Don't land on the Crow's Nest or you're out.

In Don't get eat by the Bear! game, room owner CL_Nessarz offers a game where Players sit in chairs and a spin of the Random Number Generator brings the bear rug closer to them. If th bear reaches you, you're out. The last Player left in their chair is the winner. CL_Nessarz reminds people to be kind to the bears.