Newsletter 14 March 2006

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Hotel pins are coming!

Round 2, all new pins!

Every weekend (Friday - Sunday) in March we will release a new Hotel pin. Be sure to get yours each week!

In-Park Quests!

Going to Disneyland® Park or Magic Kingdom® Park? Play an in-Park Quest! Learn more here

Tomorrowland Quest: learn more and download it here

Contact Us Tips

When using Contact Us to ask a question or report an issue, please be aware of the following:

  • If you use AOL for e-mail, you won't receive our response; the AOL e-mail filters block our replies. Please provide an alternative e-mail in the Contact Us form where it asks for your e-mail address.
  • Some Spam Filters will automatically block e-mail from an unknown source unless you tell the program to allow it. Please be sure to allow mail from [email protected] (this email address does not receive e-mail except via the Contact Us form)

March is Villians Month!

Our Hosts love this theme, but even more they love watching Players win prizes. So check out the themed games on the Calendar and then stop by.

We do have an event planned, but its all still very hush-hush. What we can tell you now is that you won't have to build any rides or enter any competitions. Watch the next Newsletter for the scoop.

Best Guest Rooms

AceAlienHunter invites you to visit A Great Day At The Beach! where you can relax by the shore or around the pool. Just watch your toes, there are hippos in the water.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow is one of those rooms that can't help but make you smile. ppiglett has a colorful array of seating, plus a small ride area to keep visitors entertained.

Best Game Rooms

MagicSeeker throws his hat into the game room ring with Bayou of Fortune. Players spin the generator to determine the path they take, either to rewards or "up the river". Players always receive a warm welcome from MagicSeeker, who encourages all to follow the VMK Values at all times.

In The Follow Your Heart Game! by CL_VirtualSora reminds us all that a dream is a wish your heart makes. Players are challenged to make their dreams come true by turning the candle on while staying on the path.

Players who have been previously recognized for their design talents will receive the VIP award.