Newsletter 10 March 2006

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Best Guest Room

In The Movie Award Show, room owner AlexisMirabella invites others to wear their best clothes and give an acceptance speech. And the winner is . . ?

In Castle in the Clouds the artistry is eye-catching! jamielan uses ice blocks to make a castle, and surrounds heart chairs with clouds (snow rugs) to create a visual treat.

CL_Demeter designed King Yeti- a Yeti made out of snow blocks with red heart chairs for eyes and a box for the nose. Very unique idea!

Best Game Room

Krisco shows off a creative and original game in Ice Fishing, where each player has three tries to catch a fish by sitting on the block they think the fish is hiding under. Discover whether or not you caught a fish (and won a prize) when the block is taken away

Racing season is open in Need for Speed, from the creative mind of CL_MrGenie. This is a fun and popular game room where 8 players race to be the fastest and claim the seat on the Everest Chair. The track merges together, making it a true battle to be first.

Players who have been previously recognized for their design talents will receive the VIP award.

Contact Us Tips

When using Contact Us to ask a question or report an issue, please be aware of the following:

  • If you use AOL for e-mail, you won't receive our response; the AOL e-mail filters block our replies. Please provide an alternative e-mail in the Contact Us form where it asks for your e-mail address.
  • Some Spam Filters will automatically block e-mail from an unknown source unless you tell the program to allow it. Please be sure to allow mail from [email protected] (this email address does not receive e-mail except via the Contact Us form)


  • Everyone likes to pretend, but remember that telling other Players you are VMK Staff can cause you to be permanently banned from the game.
  • We recommend that you never accept a trade where you will get codes in return. They may not work and you will lose the stuff you traded.
  • If you are in a Guest Room and someone is blocking a door, teleporter or path, let the room owner handle the problem. If the room owner isn't there, try another room.
  • We care about all of you and want you to be safe. Please never give out any real life info such as your name, grade, address, city, state, school, etc. and never try to give out or ask for a way to reach someone outside of VMK. We take this very seriously.
  • Think about the G-rated movies and television shows that Disney produces. If you wouldn't see a particular behavior in those shows, it is also not allowed on VMK.
  • Remember that you can always click on a Player and then click Ignore so you don't see their chat. Once you stop reacting to their words, they'll probably leave you alone.
  • Many players on VMK really enjoy trading, but some don't. Most of the time, those that don't want to trade put that info in their signature. Please respect that and ask first if you aren't sure.
  • Remember that each Player's Guest Room is "their space". The room owner gets to choose who they let in and who they kick out. Please don't be offended if you are asked to leave, or are booted. There are many Guest Rooms where all are welcome.
  • When looking for Specials in the VMK shops, you need to go to the shop and double-click on the cash register. You will need to do this for each shop you visit. We recommend you do this once a week, just to be sure you have the latest version of each shop's catalog.
  • VMK Staff members all wear green ears. The green ears are not available to Players and can not be traded -- so please don't ask.

Can't figure something out? Look for Players whose name starts with CL_ These are Community Leaders, and they're here to help you.

VMK Staff Profiles

Each week we interview a different member of the VMK Staff. Pay attention - the answers may prove useful in VMK-hosted trivia games!

Staff name:VMK_Willa

Three favorite pieces of furniture, and why?

  • The Purple Haunted Mansion Chairs, because they are so comfy;
  • The crate coffee tables because they have so many uses;
  • The tiki fountain because its relaxing.

Favorite type of Guest Room?
The Briar room because its so cozy! Favorite Public Space?
I love to hang out with the dragon, I think she gets lonely.

Favorite Mini-Game? (ie: Pirates, haunted Mansion .. not the hosted games)
Jungle Cruise Best VMK moment?
The first event I was here for was the staff Monsters Inc teleporter maze. It was so much fun building rooms and then watching folks work their way through and enjoy them.

Favorite place to hang out in VMK?
Just one?? I love visiting Main Street at closing time, everyone is dancing and in such a good mood.

Best tip for someone new to VMK?
Although it would be nice if we could trust everyone, just like in the real world you need to be careful with your belongings. Don't ask someone to hold things for you, don't let anyone "borrow" your things and don't lend clothes to another character so they can "try them on." Even if they promise you they won't run off with your stuff, you never know. I always say never let anyone borrow anything you would be upset about losing.

What one safety tip would you like to share with our readers?
Remember that you know nothing about the person behind the character. You should never share any personal information. It can be very dangerous. Don't share any details about your life and your family on VMK - stay safe!