Jolly Roger T-Shirt (Light Brown)

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Item Color Cost Photo Location Notes
Jolly Roger T-Shirt (Light Brown) X/D25

{{ #switch: Known

Known=Sells for D5 Unknown=Sells for an Unknown amount CannotBeSold=Cannot be sold


Available to New Users

Jolly Roger T-Shirt (Light Brown) Shop Button

{{ #switch: Removed



{{ #switch: NewOnly

NewOnly=Creating Your Character
  • At the time of VMK's closing, this item was limited to New Users Only
Both=Creating Your Character FormerNew=Creating Your Character
  • For a time, this item was limited to New Users Only


{{ #switch: Both Female=Female Only Male=Male Only Both=

}} Released: 23 May 2005
Retired with the closing of VMK: 21 May 2008