Isla Tormenta

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Isla Tormenta (Click to Enlarge)
Isla Tormenta


This is a small dormant-volcanic island. The beach is inhabited by crabs and otherwise seems peaceful enough. Tormenta Cave is another matter all together. This is the home of Davy Jones' crew. Only the highest level pirates should venture into this cave! Some of the highest level vessels in the game can be found between this area and Padres. You can expect high level Skeleton ships and some massive War class Galleons and Frigates out near these waters.

Full POTCO Map


POTCO Bullet Southwest Caribbean

View of Isla Tormenta

Quest Uses

POTCO Bullet Can be used to maroon people.
POTCO Bullet You must also dig for part of the main Black Pearl quest.
POTCO Bullet Work for Hire - several of these higher level quests can be completed here.

Isla Tormenta (Click to Enlarge)


Isla Tormenta

This contains the beach of the island and where your pirate will land or leave.


POTCO Bullet Giant Crab
POTCO Bullet Rock Crab

Tormenta Cave

Isla Tormenta (Click to Enlarge)

Enter here from the Isla Tormenta beach. This is the home of Davy Jones's crew who reside in the caves off of the beach. This zone is only for the very brave and the very strong!


POTCO Bullet Vampire Bat
POTCO Bullet Dregs
POTCO Bullet Kelpbrain
POTCO Bullet Seabeard
POTCO Bullet Molusk
POTCO Bullet Flotsam
POTCO Bullet Urchinfist
POTCO Bullet Spineskull
POTCO Bullet Brinescum