Isla Cangrejos

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Isla Cangrejos
Isla Cangrejos


This once quiet island was mostly inhabited by varies sizes of crab and Woodruff. Recently with the addtional of Privateering, it is now a home for a graveyard and infested with french undead. There is often several War class ships out in this area, however it isn't the hardest place to hunt ships.

Full POTCO Map


POTCO Bullet North-east Caribbean near Tortuga



Quest Uses

View of Isla Cangrejos

POTCO Bullet In the Rescuing the Black Pearl quests, during Nill Offrill's section, you need to dig up a chest for Andrew Bowdash.
POTCO Bullet In SKELETON INFESTATION, you will need to help Woodruff kill skeletons.
POTCO Bullet Can be used to maroon people.

Undead French


POTCO Bullet Giant Crab
POTCO Bullet Rock Crab
POTCO Bullet Sand Crab
POTCO Bullet French Undead Quarter Master
POTCO Bullet French Undead Maitre
POTCO Bullet French Undead Lieutenant
POTCO Bullet French Undead Capitaine

Undead French