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What are Quests?

Take a real-life treasure hunt through Disney Theme Parks to find clues that will earn you exclusive virtual rewards! VMK Quests are the first-ever, Park-wide trivia games created to be played exclusively at Disneyland® park in California or Magic Kingdom® Park at Walt Disney World® Resort in Florida.

In-Park VMK Quests are no longer available

Past In-Park VMK Quests:

How do the Quests Work?

Obtaining the quest

The quests came in two basic formats: quests that guests could pick up at VMK Central and quests that had to be printed out prior to visiting the parks. Both types of quests featured trivia questions. The questions needed to be answered correctly to earn the different quest rewards.

Completing the quest

To complete the quest, guests would follow the clues around the park and visit different spots in order to figure out the answers to the questions. Guests who preferred to complete their quests fast, or who wanted to spend more time enjoying the park rather than questing, often used spoilers to get the correct answers. To answer the questions, questers often needed to scratch off answers, write in the answer, or check off a box. Instructions on how to answer questions were provided on the quest itself.

Getting your Rewards

Once guests completed their quests they could visit the desk at VMK Central (either at the Main Street Cinema or Innoventions) to turn them in for VMK Card rewards. Guests needed to provide their park entrance ticket for the Cast member at VMK Central to scan. By scanning the ticket staff could limit guests from redeeming quests once every 90 days. VMK Reward Cards had codes on the back that players could enter in game. Starting on May 5th up until VMK Central closing, guests were able to obtain a card and code for the Mickey TV by completing 3 or more quests correctly.

NOTE: VMK Central is now closed both in WDW and DLR, thus, and guests may not turn in any quests for prizes now.