How To Link POTCO Accounts

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Players Guide

How to link POTCO Accounts

Managing Accounts (Picture #1)

Ever try to have 2 family members logon to their one paid POTCO account or want 2 people to play on the one paid account? Doesnt work!!! But... theres a way.

Sharing a POTCO paid account (linking accounts)


Occasionally we have family members posting here regarding how to share one paid account amongst family members, allowing them to play at the same time (instead of taking turns). A family with more than one computer (one for each member) can have more than one family member play consecutively on unlimited pirates, with one paid account (not having to pay additionally per family member). This is done by linking accounts. This "Guide" is to show how to link a "Basic" free player account to an "Unlimited" paid player account allowing the "Basic" account to access the "Unlimited" accounts pirates.


Managing Accounts (Picture #2)

POTCO Bullet Valid working "Unlimited" paid account (Must be a primary account, and not linked to any other accounts).
POTCO Bullet Valid working "Basic" free account (actually any other potco account) (cannot be linked to any other accounts).

Detailed Instructions

  1. Proceed to the Official Pirates of the Carribean Online website.
  2. Login to website using your Unlimited/Paid pirates account.
  3. Click on Account Services Menu (on left side)
  4. Click Manage Account.
  5. Click "Link An Account" on lower left. (Picture 1, #1)(If "Link An Account" button does not exist the account is NOT a primary account (or is under some form of parental controls).
  6. Input Login information for the "Basic" account, or account to be linked and click "Login" (Picture 2)
  7. There should be some acknowledgement, and return you back to the "Manage Account" screen (Picture 1).
  8. You should now notice the linked account persons name in top left. (Picture 1, #2)
  9. Logout of account services (or simply close webpage).
  10. Login to POTCO using either account.
  11. Use the arrow next to account name (Picture 3, #4) to change to the account you wish, and play the pirates you wish (as long as its not already online).
Managing Accounts (Picture #3)

Running multiple accounts on one PC

Using shared accounts one can of course play more than one pirate on more than one computer, but how might one play two pirates on the same computer?


POTCO Bullet 2 valid "Pirates of the Caribbean Online" accounts.
POTCO Bullet System capable of running the game twice (in two separate windows)
POTCO Bullet Turning down video settings/options to thier lowest settings (F7) is recommended to accomodate two copies of the game in the same environment.

Managing Accounts (Picture #4)

Detailed Instructions

  1. Start up POTCO, and login on the first of the two accounts.
  2. If not already playing in a "Window", press "F7" and click "Fullscreen" button to change to window mode.
  3. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del and select "Task Manager", this will activate Windows Task Manager.
  4. Under Processes tab, locate, and select Launcher1.exe and click on End Process. Click Yes in confirmation window then close the Windows Task Manager window. (Picture 4)
  5. Leaving original POTCO window open, Start up POTCO again, and login on your second account.
  6. Arrange the now two POTCO windows on your screen to easily navigate/control both pirates. (Picture 5)
Dual Screen Layout (Picture #5)

Running multiple accounts on one MAC

  1. Follow the steps In How To Link POTCO Accounts to set up a linked Basic (free) account on Disney's
  2. Open the Pirates Online application. For this guide I will assume you have the Pirates Online launcher in your dock. Sign in using your Unlimited account's ID and password.
  3. You will need to quit the Pirates Online launcher application, and this process is a bit different on a Mac than it is on a PC. You can do this in one of several ways.
POTCO Bullet Right click on the launcher icon in your dock and select "Quit"
POTCO Bullet Press Command+Option(alt)+Esc and force quit the launcher
POTCO Bullet Click on the launcher icon in the dock, and simply X it out

Now, you must restart the launcher. This, again, is a bit different than doing so on a PC. If you try to restart it by simply clicking on the launcher icon in the dock, you will notice that.... nothing happens. The steps to restart the launcher are as follows:

Click to enlarge

POTCO Bullet Open your Finder.
POTCO Bullet Select Applications
POTCO Bullet Right click on Pirates Online, and select "Show Package Contents"

Click to enlarge

POTCO Bullet Expand "Contents" and then expand "MacOS"
POTCO Bullet Scroll down until you see the "Launcher"

Click to enlarge

POTCO Bullet Double click to open it up, you should get a window that says "Terminal - Launcher" and the little Pirates Online launcher box.
POTCO Bullet You will need to click in that little box to actually get the launcher to start loading
POTCO Bullet Log in using the account ID and password of your linked (Basic) account

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POTCO Bullet Now you should be set to play both pirates. When the pirate-select screen loads, you should be safe to exit the finder and the "Terminal - Launcher" window, as well as the Terminal icon on your dock (YELLOW below).
POTCO Bullet In order to access your Unlimited pirates from the linked Basic account, click the arrow in the top left corner, RED below.

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POTCO Bullet On my Mac, using both pirates rarely causes me to lag. However, if I go to a busy server or if I SvS, I usually log out or minimize one pirate.

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If you plan to use this a lot, there is a quicker way to play two pirates. As you can see on my dock and in my applications folder in the screenshots above, I have three Pirates Online launchers. One is for TEST, but two are for open. To do this, I put my first launcher in the trash and downloaded the game again. I then got the game out of the trash and put both launchers in my dock, and they open as different, separate programs. This (I think) is the only way to get two launchers in your dock, because you can't put the Terminal - Launcher from the Pirates Online Package Contents in the dock. (Well, you can, but it won't work unless you open it directly from the applications... weird...) I tried to do this (trash game, download again, get two launchers) on my PC and it didn't work at all.