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What are ToonTown Central, Pirates Online Forums, Pixie Hollow Forums, Club Penguin Fansite, Cars Online Forums and VMKForums?

  • ToonTown Central is a G-rated fan site for Disney’s ToonTown Online, a massively multiplayer online role playing game designed for children ages 7 and up. For more information regarding ToonTown Online, please visit Disney’s Official page at
  • Pirates Online Forums is a PG-rated fan site for Disney Pirates of the Caribbean Online, a massively multiplayer online role playing game designed for children ages 10 and up. For more information regarding Pirates of the Caribbean Online, please visit Disney’s Official page at
  • Pixie Hollow Forums is a G-rated fan site for Disney Fairies Pixie Hollow, a massively multiplayer online role playing game designed for children ages 6 and up. For more information regarding Pixie Hollow, please visit Disney’s Official page at
  • Club Penguin Fansite is a G-rated fan site for Disney Club Penguin, a massively multiplayer online role playing game designed for children ages 6 and up. For more information regarding Club Penguin, please visit Disney’s Official page at
  • Cars Online Forums is a G-rated fan site for Disney Pixar The World of Cars Online, a massively multiplayer online role playing game designed for 6-12 year olds. For more information regarding The World of Cars Online, please visit Disney’s Official page at
  • VMKForums is a G-rated fan site for Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom, a massively multiplayer online role playing game designed for children ages 10 and up. For more information regarding VMK, please visit Disney’s Official page at

Why should I register with ToonTown Central, Pirates Online Forums, Pixie Hollow Forums, Club Penguin Fansite, Cars Online Forums and/or VMKForums?

In order to fully utilize the abilities of these boards, we require that you register as a member. Registration is free and allows you to do the following:

  • Post new threads
  • Reply to other peoples' threads
  • Edit your posts
  • Receive email notification of replies to posts and threads you specify
  • Send private messages to other members
  • Enter events in the board calendar
  • Set up a 'buddy-list' to quickly see which of your friends are currently online

How do I register with ToonTown Central, Pirates Online Forums, Pixie Hollow Forums, Club Penguin Fansite, Cars Online Forums and/or VMKForums?

To register, you will need to specify a username and password, as well as a valid email address. Entering your email address will not leave you open to "spam", as you can choose to hide your email address, and messages sent to you via email do not reveal your address to the sender in any case. (To verify this, you can try sending an email message to another user.) You will receive the final part of the registration process by email, so ensure that the email address you provide is valid and working. If you are under the age of 13, we require that a parent or guardian provides consent before allowing you to complete the registration process. More information about this is available during the registration process.

I Lost my Password, What can I do?

If you forget your password, you can click on the "Forgotten Your Password?" link on any page that requires you to fill in your password. This will bring up a page where you can enter your registered email address. Your password will immediately be automatically emailed to you.

Forum Navigation: How do I get around on the forums?

Let's talk about the forum navigation buttons and what they do. These buttons are viewable from every page of the forum.'s Main Navigation Bar

From left to right:

  • Home - Clicking this will take you to the very front page of The Home page is where you will find news about the game, member created poll, Site Navigation menu with links to our Sister Sites, a list of your online buddies, a list of all members online, Top Posters, a link to our live IRC Chat, latest donations and a link to donate yourself, a link to Site Rules, and the most recent posts.
  • Forum - Clicking this button will take you directly to the entire forum listing. From here you can view or make new posts. Browse the forums to find the one you are interested in and click on that forum. See next post for further information on how to post.
  • Gallery - An excellent Gallery Guide is here. Our Gallery is the only 100% approved image hosting. Any other images should be hosted on images from our Approved Hosting Site list or your images may not work.
  • Arcade - Have fun playing arcade games! Open to all members that have posted at least once. Top arcade winners receive an Arcade Scroller name (green and scrolls) every few months!
  • UserCP - This is an exciting area! You can change your profile, add info about your toon(s), change settings, subscribe to threads, request Group Memberships, and more in this area! (See below for more details)
  • Register - This button will take you to a page to register your membership on If you are already registered and logged in, you will get a message saying this.
  • Calendar - The calendar lists members' birthdays and exciting events that are member-added, such as Beanfests and special runs.
  • FAQ - Some of our more commonly asked questions can be found here.
  • Search - Use this page for searching for certain topics, posts by specific people, or posts within a certain date range.

What is the UserCP? How do I use it?

The UserCP (or User Control Panel) allows you to do many things on the forum. We will discuss each area and what they do here.'s UserCP Menu
Settings & Options
  • Edit Email & Password - Self explanatory. You can change your email address and/or password in this area.
  • Edit Profile - Add your custome User Title, hide your date of birth (we recommend displaying only the day and month but not year), add homepage and various instant messaging IDs, add toon info, and your personal interests.
  • Edit Options - Go invisible (so people can't see you online), set your forum preferences, display options, time/date options, and change your forum skin in this area.
  • Edit Avatar - Pick from one of the MANY standard avatars available or create your own g-rated avatar and upload it here!
  • Edit Profile Picture - Upload a picture that will be displayed to members that view your profile. Please do not add personally identifying pictures for your own security!
Private Messages
  • List Messages - Lists all messages in your inbox or saved in your sent file.
  • Send New Message - Create a new message to send to a friend.
  • Edit folders - You can organize your received messages into different folders for easier location.
Subscribed Threads
  • List Subscriptions - When you subscribe to certain threads, you will be able to view and manage them here.
  • Edit folders - Organize your subscribed threads for easier location.
  • Event Reminders - Will list out events you have added to the calendar and requested reminders.
  • Paid Subscriptions - Takes you to a page to upgrade your subscription. All basic subscriptions are free, but to cover the cost of equipment to run the site, we ask for paid subscriptions to receive larger private message storage, userpages, and/or signatures.
  • Group Memberships - Join specialized groups here. Some forums are only visible if you are a member of that group and some groups give you special rank images by joining.
  • Buddy/Ignore Lists - Add buddies to your list for more customization to your profile. Please note that anyone listed on your Ignore List will not be able to send you a private message, nor will you see any posts by them.
  • Attachments - Besides our Gallery, you have a limited amount of Attachment space that you can use. Manage your attachments here.

How do I search for something on the forums?

The search button is one of the most helpful features on our forums. You can easily find exactly what you need in just a few seconds. Here I will be showing you how to use it.

Search Button
The search button will always be located at the top right of the forums, no matter what page you are on. It looks like this. It might look different if you have a different skin, but they generally look the same.

When you click on it, you will be redirected to this page:

Search Page (click to enlarge)

You can either search through keyword search to find what you need, or you can keyword search with a few customized options. I will show you how to search both ways.

First I'll show you how to use the keyword search. All you need to do is enter what you need to search for in the box labeled "Keyword(s)". There's a drop-down box below it. You can choose to either search entire posts or to search titles only. Pick one, and then click the "Search Now" button located at the bottom. It's as simple as that!

There is also an option to search for a Username, or a certain User's posts or threads. Just enter the Username and choose in the drop-down box either Find Posts by User or Find Threads By User. There is also a box called Exact Name. Check this box if you want to find the posts/threads by the exact name you typed in.

If you would like to customize you search further, there are many options you can choose from.

The first option is to find a thread with a certain amount of replies. Just type in the number and choose from the drop-down box either At Least or At Most.

The next option is to find posts from a certain date. Choose from the drop-down box either - Any Date, Your Last Visit, Yesterday, A Week Ago, 2 Weeks Ago, A Month Ago, 3 Months Ago, 6 Months Ago, or A Year Ago. There's another drop-down box next to it, with the options And Newer, And Older. So for example, I could find a post from a week ago and older that includes that includes the keyword I specified.

The next option is to sort your results. The drop-down box includes the following options - Relevancy, Title, Number of Replies, Number of Views, Thread Starting Date, Last Posting Date, Username and Forum. There is another drop-down box next to it where you can choose for the results to be in either Ascending or Descending Order.

The next option is really simple. You can choose for the results of the keyword you entered in to be either in post or thread form.

The next option is to search for your keyword in a specific forum. You can even search in your subscribed forums!

That's it! YOU now know how to use the search button! Congrats!

But there's one more thing! Wondering if there's yet another way or place to search? Well, you're right! Just go to the front page, and to the right there is a button that looks like this.

Search Button

Just enter your keyword and click the "Go" button for a quick search. Or you could click "Advanced Search" and it will give you all the options you would get if you clicked the green search button at the top.

There's also another place to search. On this handy quick navigation bar!

Secondary Navigation Bar

Click the third to the last button entitled "Search". This window will pop up:

Search Box From Navigation Bar

Just enter your keyword and click go. Check a box below it to choose if you want to "Show Threads" or "Show Posts". Below it is a link to the "Advanced Search", which gives you all the options we discussed earlier. You can also view your posts and threads started by you, by clicking "View all your posts" or "View threads started by you".

How do I get that picture under my name?

These small images are called Avatars. They are often used to represent or quickly identify yourself to other members of the community.

  • First you need a picture that is no bigger than 64 by 64 pixels or 20.0 KB (whichever is smaller).
  • Next click on User CP at the top then on Edit Avatar.
  • Finally in the space provided enter the url to the saved image or find the image on your hard drive and click on Save Changes.

Once saved the image will appear under your name on the left side of every post for everyone to see.

How do I add a custom title under my username?

To add a custom title underneath your username, follow these simple steps:

  • On the Board Homepage click on the User CP, This will open the User Control Panel
  • Click on Edit Profile, you will see a list of fields appear including one for "Custom User Title".
  • Type what you would like your Custom User Title to be in this box. Be sure that it does not violate any of the Forum Policies. The Custom User title can be up to twenty-five characters long, including spaces.
  • Click Save Profile and you're finished.

Other People Have Signatures, how do I get one?

To get and use a signature under your posts, you will need to make a donation to the site you want the signature to appear on. This can be done via the Upgrade Account link in the main menu, or by going into the User CP of the Board and click on Paid Subscriptions

ToonTown Central - Click Here

Pirates Online Forums - Click Here

Pixie Hollow Forums - Click Here

VMKForums - Click Here

Paying for this not only and gives you access to this special feature, it also helps ToonTown Central, Pirates Online Forums, Pixie Hollow Forums and VMKForums.

How do I get a picture under my posts?

First, you must have a Signature Subscription. If you do not have one and would like one, you will need to purchase it (see question above).

If you have a Signature Subscription:

  • click on the User CP button at the top of the page. This will bring you to the User Control Panel.
  • Click Edit Signature.
  • Before you proceed the image will need to be hosted, you may use our forum gallery.
  • Paste the link location into the signature. ex: [img]insert URL here[/img]
  • Click preview, view it and make any changes if necessary then save signature

What is the Gallery? How do I use it?

The Gallery is where you can store images to display for all your friends to see. You can also use the images in your posts or PMs. To upload and add images to the Gallery, follow these easy steps:

Click on the "Gallery Button" up top on the navigation bar.

Navigation Bar Gallery.png

You have the option of uploading images straight into your main gallery (See Uploading Images below) or you can create a new album. Note: Creating a new album helps with organizing where your images are stored.

Creating a New Album
1. Click on the "My Albums" link on the right.

My Albums.png

2. Click on "Create a new album" link on the left.

Create A New Album.png

3. A new window will appear and you have the option of naming the album whatever you want and have the option of making the album private. 4. Click on the "Create an album" button. 5. Your album should now be visible under the albums category.

Uploading Images
1. Click on the "Upload Photos" link on the right

Upload Photos.png

2. Click on the Browse button and find your image on your computer

Upload Photos Browse.png

3. After finding your image, you can have the image upload into the main gallery (Default) or any of your previously created albums by clicking on the selection bar and selecting your album.

Upload Photos Select Album.png

4. Click on the "Upload/Submit" Button.

Upload Photos Submit.png

5. After submission, your image will have to be reviewed and accepted by a moderator before you can link to your image.

Deleting Images
1. To delete an image you must first go to where you initially uploaded the image, whether in an album or the main Gallery.
2. Click on the thumbnail of the image you would like to delete and you will see a larger version of your image.
3. Under your image you will see the "Additional Info" box.
4. Click on the "Edit Photo" link.

Upload Photos Edit Photo.png

5. The Gallery Image Editor Window will come up.
6. Place a check inside of the deletion box and then click on the "Submit Changes" button. Careful: Images are not able to be recovered after the next step!

Upload Photos Image Editor.png

Checking Stats and Comments
1. Click on the "Profile" link on the right.

Upload Photos Profile.png

2. The member profile window will come up.
3. To view your statistics, click on the "Statistics" link.
4. To view your comments, click on the "Comments" link.

Upload Photos Stats.png

How do I add a Picture within my Post?

For multiple images use the button available above the text box as you create your message. For this, your picture will have to be hosted on another website or use our forum gallery (see above).

1. To post an image to a thread you must first go to where you initially uploaded the image, whether in an album or the main Gallery.
2. Click on the thumbnail of the image you would like to post and you will see a larger version of your image.
3. Depending on the physical size of the image, the first click takes you to a "medium" version of your image.
4. You can post this version if you would like, but the size is smaller.
5. Click on the image again and the actual image of original size will come up (only for large images).
6. Under your image you will see the "Additional Info" box.
7. Click on "Copy to Clipboard" button. This will copy the "Direct Link" to your photo.

Posting Images Photo Details.png

8. Proceed to the area you would like to post your photo and use the following command: [IMG]"Paste the link to your photo here"[/IMG]

How do I Attach a Picture to my Post?

For a single image use the "Attach File" field on the Post New Thread or Reply pages. The following will give you step-by-step instructions:

1. When you start a new post, scroll down to this point and click 'Manage Attachments'.

2. Click the 'Browse' button to locate your picture, when this window pops up.

3. Navigate to your folder with the picture.

4. After you click Open, your screen should show the following. If it does, hit 'Upload'.

5. After the file uploads, the window should refresh to show this (the filename will be different).

Then click Close this Window, finish your message, and click Submit Reply, or Submit New Thread if that is the case.

To add more pictures, up to five, repeat steps two through four.

If you get the message: Filename.*: Invalid File Type Remember you can only upload files that are bmp, doc, gif, jpe, jpeg ,jpg mp3, pdf, png, psd, swf, txt, wav.

If you get the message: Filename.*: File Too Large. Limit for this filetype is ### KB. Your file is ### KB. Reduce the size of you picture by using an imaging editing program, even paint, to make the image smaller.

What are the Buddy and Ignore Lists?

The buddy list is used to keep track of the friends you have made on this board. By going to your User CP, you'll be able to see which of your friends are currently online, and be able to send them a private message. Adding people to your buddy list also allow you to send private messages to multiple board members at the same time. Ignore lists are used for those people who's messages you wish not to read. By adding someone to your ignore list, those messages posted by these individuals will be hidden when you read a thread.

Why are people telling me I posted in the wrong forum?

Here at ToonTown Central, Pirates Online Forums, VMKForums, Pixie Hollow Forums, Club Penguin Fansite, and Cars Online Forums, there are different forums which you can post your message in. This helps keep things neat and allows other visitors to quickly find information they’re looking for. There are several Categories with Forums in them, and each forum has a description of what they are to be used for.

My private messages say that they are full, what does that mean?

New members get space for 20 messages, if you wish to have room for 300 messages you will need to make a donation to the site. This can be done via the Upgrade Account link found in the main menu.

ToonTown Central - Click Here

Pirates Online Forums - Click Here

Pixie Hollow Forums - Click Here

VMKForums - Click Here

Paying for this not only and gives you access to this special feature, it also helps ToonTown Central, Pirates Online Forums, Pixie Hollow Forums and VMKForums.

I would like some more Private Message space. How do I get it?

If you wish to have room for 300 messages you will need to donate an amount of $1.66 per month, which equals $20 a year. This can be done via the Upgrade Account link the main menu.

ToonTown Central - Click Here

VMKForums - Click Here

Pirates Online Forums - Click Here

Paying for this not only and gives you access to this special feature, it also helps ToonTown Central, VMKForums, and Pirates Online Forums.

How do I create a Poll?

All postings in the Polls Forum are subject to review before they are seen by the public. If a poll or post does not appear after 24 hours, it's likely it was removed. See the Forum Guidelines for further info. There's no need to create multiple responses or multiple polls that say the same thing. Try to keep polls related to the game, and/or something that deserves to be on the front page since polls show up on our home page. However, just because it is game-related does not mean it will automatically be approved. Also, if your thread does not have a poll attached to it, it will be moved out of the Poll forum into the appropriate forum.

Now that you know what can be posted in this forum, let's discuss how to go about creating the poll.

Create a New Thread Button
First, click on the "New Thread" button in the upper left-hand corner of the forum. It will take you to a page to create this new thread. Give your poll a title and something must be included in the body of the thread. It's best to describe your poll a little. For example, if your poll is about your favorite fairy color, you might include in the body of the post, "Pick which color your Pixie wears the most. If your choice is not listed, reply with your favorite."
Create a Poll
Now you will submit your thread, but before you do you need to place a checkmark in the "Post a Poll" section by clicking on the small box. If you don't know how many poll options you need yet, it's okay. You can change it on the next screen if you choose the wrong amount. This will take you to the next page, where you set your poll options.
Poll Options
Poll Question: Restate your poll question.
Number of poll options: You can change how many options here if you need to.
Poll options: List all Poll Options here.
Poll timeout: If you want your poll to expire, choose how many days until your poll is closed to voting.
Allow multiple choice: If you check this box, people will be able to choose as many of the options as they want.
Make votes public: Be careful. Not all members want everyone to know how they voted.
Automatically parse links in text: This only applies if you have links posted in your thread. It will make your links un-clickable.
Disable smilies in text: If you have things listed in your thread window that are being changed to smilies and you don't want the smilies to show, check this box.

Once you have selected all your options, click on the "Submit New Poll" button.

What is Reputation?

Reputation is how informative a member is. Reputation is there to let users know that you appreciated their posts. This could be for helpful posts, informative or funny posts which you think deserve some recognition. Say you see a post you agree with strongly, you would give reputation to that post, and it would be added to the user's stats.

The Reputation system allows our members to leave comments about each others' posts, and thereby contribute to their overall 'reputation'. The more reputation you have, the higher your rep power. The more rep power, the more effective it will be on other users when you rep them. Someone with no rep will make no difference to the repped person's total, yet someone with a high rep power will have more of an effect when they give reputation.

Rules for Reputation: The following uses of the Reputation System on this site are not allowed:

  • Reputation Begging: The act of requesting reputation from other users is called reputation begging. This also includes Signatures, Titles, PM's, posts containing requests or encouragement to give you or another user positive or negative reputation points.
  • Reputation Bribery: The act of requesting reputation in trade for something is called reputation bribery.
  • Reputation Comments: Giving personal information through reputation comments or trolling/flaming. Our policies still apply for reputation comments and will be dealt with the same as if their comments were PMed to a user. If you obtain any reputation comments that violate any of our policies, then you should contact a mod about this immediately.
  • Reputation Fraud: Creating multiple accounts to give negative or positive reputation to other members or your own account. Soliciting other members/friends to give mass negative or positive reputation to your account or another user's account is also fraud.
  • Reputation Harassment: Purposely giving negative reputation to a user because of personal dislikes of the user or retaliation towards a user. This also includes soliciting other members to gang up on another user to give that user negative reputation.
  • Reputation Pity: The act of posting sad comments about their reputation so other users feel sorry for them so that they will give them reputations is called pity reputation.
  • Reputation Trolling: The act of complaining about being dereped for little or no reason or acts of telling people to falsely derep them about their posts is called Reputation Trolling.

Reputation System Misuse: These acts are not tolerated on,, or If anyone is caught misusing the reputation system or violating the Policies of this site using the reputation system, then the Staff will derep your account. Your threads, signatures, and posts will be deleted and you will be suspended from the site for a time period determined by the Admin/Moderator team with possible permanent suspension.

How do I give Reputation?

On every post you should see this icon: Reputation Icon.png. That is what you click to give reputation to a user. When you click it you should get this message:

Giving Rep Box.png

The only option is to approve, not to disapprove. That was disabled due to some user's abusing it. But, if you like the post, you can leave a message by typing it in there. You don't have to, but most people do. Also, they sometimes sign their username afterwords to signify who gave you reputation. If you click on your own post and try to give yourself reputation, it will only show your current reputation points. Also, if you have a post that has received reputation, it will show all the comments towards the post itself.

How do I know I've received/given reputation and how do I view it?

This is the easiest part. Just simply click on the UserCP link and you will see your reputation stats as long as you have reputation enabled. You will see all received reputation, even from last time it was active. Under the received section, it will show who you have given reputation to, when, as well as the comment you gave. It also shows your reputation power (how many points of reputation you give when you add reputation to a user). The higher amount of reputation you have, the higher your reputation power is. While looking at this section, if you click on the linked Thread, it will show you the actual post that the person(s) gave you reputation.

Example of Reputation Received and Given Screen (Click to Enlarge)

Also, if you look at the home page, you should see you current reputation level.

Reputation Homepage Example.png

I don't like reputation, how do I disable it?

Well, some user's do not like reputation, so to disable it go to your UserCP and click on Edit Options. Next look for a section entitled "Show My Reputation Level" (see image below). Just click the box with the check in it and it should be disabled.

Disable Reputation Box.png

What are Group Memberships? How do I join different groups on the forums?

Ever wondered what in the world group memberships are? How they are displayed? Why people have "CCG" under their name? Now, you can find out!

Miscellaneous Section of UserCP
First of all, to access Group Memberships, you need to go to your User Control Panel. Once there, look for the section labeled Miscellaneous and under it a link to Group Memberships.

Once there, you have three parts, divided into:

  • Groups You Can Join
  • Groups You Are In
  • Groups You Are Identified Of

Groups You Can Join - These groups are open for you to join. Some for the rank images (like CCG), and some for access to the forums it provides (like Evil Bunnies). To join one, just select the group on the right. Some groups require approval by a group leader. If this is the case, you just need to explain why you want to join. These take a tad bit longer to approve but in many cases are only there for security.

Example of Groups You Can Join Screen (Click to Enlarge)

Groups You Are In - This describes what groups you are in, and if you want to leave one, how to do so. To leave one, click "Leave Group" on the right.

Example of Groups You Are In Screen (Click to Enlarge)

Groups You Are Identified On - This is one of the more important modules. To get a rank image for a specific group, just click "Join Group" to the right of the listed and available groups. Normally a user can only display two ranks. One being "toon" and the other a group of your choice. There are some exceptions to this rule though; a) you have won or participated a TTC event and a membership tag is one of the prizes, b) you are a moderator/administrator, or c) you're EKB!

Example of Groups You Are Identified On Screen (Click to Enlarge)

What Are Mods and Admins?

Moderators oversee a specific forum or forums. They generally have the ability to edit/delete posts, move threads, and perform other modifications in their assigned forum.

Becoming a moderator for a specific forum is usually rewarded to users who are particularly helpful and knowledgeable in the subject of the forum. You cannot become a moderator by asking anywhere, including the chat rooms or forum. ToonTown Central, Pirates Online Forums, VMKForums, Pixie Hollow Forums, Club Penguin Fansite, and Cars Online Forums will notify the members when there is a need for additional moderators. Until then, please do not ask the staff. Administrators are the owners of this site who oversee all the operations and major issues. Please do not annoy them with anything, as they are usually very busy.

Why Are Their Names Different Colors?

The moderators and administrators have different name colors to help distinguish themselves from other users. The color list of users is as follows:

Normal user - Dark Blue

Clan Leaders - Green

Arcade Winner - Green and Scrolls

Trivia Winner - Purple and Scrolls

Minimod - Red

Mod - Pink

Supermod - Pink

Admin - Pink

Hall of Fame - Cyan

Evil Rabbit - Dark Red and Reverse Scrolls

My Question is not Answered Here. What Should I do?

If your question is not answered here and is Forum related, ask your question on the Message Board. If the staff can help, they will answer you.