Episode 1

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Spoiler Warning

If you don't want the answers and win by yourself, then don't look further.


  • You'll first start out in the village, where you'll see a pole. Click on it, use it to knock the fruit down from the tree, and then leave to the Plaza.

  • Between the monkey cage and pile of coal is a special prayer scroll that will open the magic box that has the starter switch inside. Take the scroll and go to the station.

  • In the station, you need to grab the wheelbarrow and key, and then enter the train to get the code. Now head back to the plaza.

  • Use the wheelbarrow to hold the coal, and unlock the monkey's cage with the key. Then give it some fruit, and then you will be able to enter the museum.

  • In the museum, you'll need to use the code from the train to open the cabinet. Click on the matchbox, and then the mirror, for a little surprise, along with Yeti Leap, your first power. Use your new power to jump up the Gallery, and then open the box with the scroll. Make sure to take the starter switch before you jump back down!

  • Go back to the train, and then place starter switch in the black circle on the right of the train. Now just put the coal in, light the coal with the match, and you're off to level two! Enjoy your new Expedition Everest Pin!