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Coming Soon newsflashes were created from February 2003 to advise players of significant changes and new features that were intended. The eight and last edition came in November 2003, and since then such items have been announced as Front Page News.

Issue 1

TOONTOWN NEWSFLASH: Issue 1, February 20, 2003

TTCS1 Title.jpg

Special Report from Toon Headquarters:

TTCS1 Graphic.jpg
The battle on the streets of Toontown is about to become more intense and exciting than ever! Special intelligence reports from Toontown HQ are warning of coordinated attacks that are expected to arrive soon. Reports have confirmed that the streets of Toontown will be raided by swarms of high-level COGs. Legal Eagles, Corporate Raiders, Big Cheeses and others are leaving their comfortable office buildings to join the street battles. Why these attacks occur is unknown at this time, but they are expected to last from several minutes to several hours.

All Toons are needed to stop these random attacks! Toon HQ has authorized double experience points for all gags used during these invasions. That's right, every pie thrown or anvil dropped will count for two!

Keep your eyes on the sky and prepare to help - the COG invasions are coming!!!

Page 2, February 20, 2003

The Toon Council has decided to recognize leaders within the Toon community by erecting Toon Leader Boards. Leader boards will be placed inside each Toon HQ and show the ten Toons who have rescued the most buildings in Toontown. These top Toons will be known as the "Toon Platoon", the ultimate defenders of Toontown.

TTCS2 Graphic.jpg
Each district will have a different Leader Board. Remember – if the buildings you rescue get taken over by Cogs again, you lose credit for that building. Also – if you switch districts, your building credit does not travel with you. Do your best to earn your place amongst the bravest Toons in Toontown!

Issue 2

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